WTD Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) engine, analytics and reporting tools.

One of the most significant achievements over the last decade was the progress made toward normalizing and linking disparate sources of world trade and company data… translating into plain English and understandable graphics. To that end, many custom applications were developed that “sat on top” of the (integrated) database collections.

There is always a tension between making trade data easy, quick and understandable… versus retaining detail, depth and versatility. They are sometimes mutually exclusive options. It really depends upon the intended use and the resources (time & money) allotted.

What we intend to provide, via WTD, is open source (free) access to our vast database repositories – some of which (such as the U.S. Customs /DHS U.S. waterborne daily import shipping manifest data) have been “run through” our sophisticated A.I engine… others like “bread and butter” statistical collections (from the U.S and other countries) have been linked and normalized as well as company and proprietary database collections.

Important to note though… is that the access we provide to these databases will primarily be through third party, open source business intelligence analytic and reporting software… NOT through one of our “custom” applications (easy-to-use user interfaces). While this affords the opportunity for greater versatility, depth and detail… it does require a steeper learning curve and investment of time.

The two current options to access these databases are: through an ad-hoc reporting tool called MYDBR or directly via SQL Server Reporting Services (special permission required).

The (temporary) link to our WTD MYDBR ad-hoc reporting tool can be accessed by clicking here: We will be a sending user names and passwords to subscribers once WTD is launched May 1. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

MyMDR offers a free demo of their product which is available MyMDR.com MYMDR documentation – on how to use the reporting tool – can be downloaded from our Google Docs site here

Although we plan to provide Open Source access to any and all WTD members, ultimately the ability to sustain and expand upon these resources will entirely depend upon support and sponsorship from the community… or whatever business model will make this possible.

We do intend to require members to a register and agree to basic parameters. In addition, we plan to employ a simple mechanism whereby other members in the WTD community can benefit from the research and reporting conducted within this open source (free) portal.

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