World Trade Daily Vision and Mission

Trade data, along with the technology used in unearthing the inherent riches therein contained to make business decisions that involve $trillions of trade flows, is what is all about.

In the 10 years I was involved as founder and CEO of CenTradeX, I continually sought for ways to developed better methods for accessing, integrating and displaying world trade information. UBM Global Media/PIERS acquired the CenTradeX innovative software solutions May 2010. They ,along with other information suppliers, do much to further understanding and application of trade data. Notwithstanding, there continues to be a huge need for non-partial, non-commercial exploration and development.

My vision is to impact the world through innovation within the arena of International Trade by:

1. Leveling the playing field.

2. Providing free access to vital trade information and resources.

3. Developing new methods and venues to bridge the gap of understanding and application.

4. Creating and growing a community by providing a forum for free exchange among members.

5. Contributing my unique experience, talents and insights.

This vision, like a seed, begins the development of the WTD community, this blog, an open source (free) access to advanced technologies and vast data repositories. However to flourish, “my” vision must evolve into something more by the intertwined visions of other kindred spirits of common interest. To expand, it needs to become a communal vision, a viral entity. That is the nature and growth cycle of a vision, particularly a global one. It takes a village to grow a dream.

It’s about people, not politics. That’s why I love trade data. It has no prejudices. It’s global in scope. In encompasses the entire world. It loves those that love it. It benefits those who apply it without bias. It is can give insight and success to those who embrace the message and instruction buried in the (sometimes) obscure and detailed information.

I invite you to participate and contribute to this vision, to this community. You have something to offer and something that this community needs.

What we need foremost is an ongoing flow of content (articles) provided by suppliers, data users, consultants, technologists, teachers, analysts, trade specialists, etc. As the saying goes, “content is king!”

We need sponsors (advertisers, clients, benefactors) who will provide funds and /or in-kind exchange of data or tech services to update and expand our open source database access.

We need readers to get involved; comment, provide feedback and “spread the word” via their own social network and professional connections.

We need you.

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