TI Professional Lisa Wallerstein, V.P. Product Development & Marketing for Datamyne

I’ve known Lisa Wallerstein for 7 or 8 years.  I first met Lisa when she was employed by PIERS in a similar position as the one she now holds with Datamyne- Vice President of Product Development and Marketing.

Back in the day, she was one of the voices calling for product innovation and development.  Trying to spark change within an aging behemoth corporation can be challenging.  I think she was perhaps, at the time, the most valuable asset PIERS possessed.

She is, and has been, on a continued quest to “connect the dots” of International Trade Data in order to provide enhanced dimension, transparency and practical utilization to clients.  One of her most impactful projects, while she was with PIERS, was to link D&B company data to the daily shipping manifests.  By so doing, users could more accurately identify the actual trading partners (buyers and sellers) beneath the numbers.  Another project she shepherded was weaning clients off of PIERS’ monthly CD distribution of the data in favor of online access.

Ms. Wallerstein represents an example of a firm conviction I’ve formed from my 10+ years in the industry; that people are THE invaluable, irreplaceable facet of  “intelligence” behind Trade Intelligence.  The value inherent in TI products can never be reduced to simply technology and data.

Many times people like Lisa are plagued, in whatever corporate context they find themselves, with an uphill battle like Sisyphus… struggling to convince management of the merits of their new ideas and the need for innovation.  However, when the “powers that be” finally give “buy in” and support product development with the needed resources, revolutionary results can be achieved.

In her short 18-month tenure at Datamyne (following a short stint with McGraw Hill), Lisa–along with Brendan R. McCahill (former CEO of PIERS, now CEO at Datamyne)- has been able to work her magic again with the recent release of a new TI product, one she promises, “will make searching trade data easy”.

The international trade marketplace has changed drastically over the last several years.  There are many new competitors in the Trade Intelligence field as well as increasing global economic pressures.  The growth and survival of PIERS, Datamyne and other TI mainstays might well depend upon swift and accurate product innovations and other “value added” services that are developed in response to changing client requirements.

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