World Trade Daily – Content Guidelines for Prospective Articles and Interviews

As our motto states, WTD focuses on “world trade data, information technologies and business applications”. Furthermore, we attempt to focus on the practical versus the theoretical.

World trade encompasses trillions of dollars in transactions annually and billions every day. It happens every day. And every day business decisions are being made that affect the ebb and flow of global commerce. Every day, decision makers utilize various sources and types of world trade data to make the best decisions they can.

WTD is about this data, the suppliers and resources available, the methods of gathering, refining, integrating and technologically transforming and presenting the data and, most importantly, the specific business applications of the data.

Thus, the scope of WTD content needs to address some aspect of the foregoing. For instance, articles about trade policy, foreign currency, global economics and the like will ONLY be accepted IF there are clearly delineated, specific applications to the world of trade not hypothetically but actually. Thus, case examples by actual users are helpful.

That having been said, we are extremely interested to showcase the various people who work within the world trade information business as well as the users of their respective products and services. The greatest “value added” within the process of transforming raw data into usable business intelligence is accomplished by the intervention of creative, talented people within the industry: CEO/entrepreneurs, marketing managers, DBAs, web developers, analysts, consultants and teachers who all attempt to bring meaning and relevance to raw, many times obtuse, versions of data.

In addition, the experience of actual users of world trade information with its many and sundry business applications is essential. WTD is a non-partial, transparent forum wherein users can express questions, concerns, and successes utilizing various products and sources of data. Therefore, we invite all comments, whether positive and negative, from users of existing products and data suppliers.

We plan to evaluate and report on every major world trade data source, supplier, product and service. We will interview appropriate executives and technical staff whenever possible as well as their current /past users. Intelligent application of data is contingent upon comprehensive understanding of the data itself as well as the methods by which the data can be best employed. Therefore, we will “dig deep” into the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of various types of data. To do such, we will seek the insight, understanding and contribution of industry experts.

Please remember, particularly if you are a vendor, that WTD is an educational/social forum. “Gentle” promotion is encouraged. Gratuitous aggrandizement is not. We adhere to the principal of “attraction versus promotion”. However, WTD does provide you, the vendor, with an interactive environment wherein prospective clients can become fully informed of the respective benefits and competitive strengths of your product or service and give you an opportunity to educate them to a successful close.

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2 Responses to “World Trade Daily – Content Guidelines for Prospective Articles and Interviews”

  1. Thank you Yoda! You’re comments are noted and appreciated. I hope we can get street smart users to contribute their perspective; Keep it real.

  2. serious stuff, indeed, this data, IT and applications of such. through the well-written article, the professed concept of “practical” over “theoretical” is lost. it seems more pedantic that practical. one can easily get mired in mining and exploring the data but lose sight of the purpose and use of the data to drive trade decisions. caution will robinson! quicksand ahead.

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