World Trade Daily – Month In Review for June – Part 1.

In June, we focused a lot of attention on one particular data source, namely the U.S. Customs data.   The reason for this is that, unlike general statistical or company information which is great for strategic or market analysis, this data is transactional and comprehensive (containing details on every U.S. waterborne import shipment). It is gaining a lot of attention in the marketplace and thereby creating a plethora of competitors to the once PIERS monopoly.

Innovative data mining, reporting technologies and TI applications are offering new methods to dig out hidden treasures contained the data.

World Trade Daily

In June, we published several articles on Trade Intelligence Providers, domestic and foreign, which offer such data.

We also created a short list of the dozen or so other providers that offer access to U.S. Customs data in our article entitled, Trade Intelligence or TI: IT all depends upon how you define “IT” and “TI”.

If you want to dig deeper into the U.S. Customs Waterborne Import Manifest Shipping Data particularly to know the shortcomings inherent in the data and what to look out for, you might want to check out this three part series: (The articles were published June 28 thru 30.)

  • Part 1. The ABCs of U.S. Customs Data- Issues & Shortcomings.
  • Part 2.  The ABCs of U.S. Customs Data- Issues & Shortcomings.
  • Part 3.  The ABCs of U.S. Customs Data- Issues & Shortcomings.

We also developed several articles which testify to what many consider “confidential or top secret” information contained in trade data like U.S. Customs and the like.

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