WTD Editorial: The Differences Between WTD Versus Other Trade Sites

In preparation of the launch of WorldTradeDaily.com in May, 2011, I asked for feedback on the concept and architecture from a handful of people I respected in the industry.  Perhaps most notable of the group was and is Maurice Kogon who has over a half century as a International Trade Professional and 30 years as a director in the DOC/ITA.  Refer to WTD article: Maurice Kogon, Director at Center for International Trade Development 

I sent him a two page synopsis and link to the WTD concept site with the request, “I consider you THE elder statesman in matters of these matters and very much would like your input and direction as I attempt to develop something worthwhile.”   The following are excerpts from our email exchange with notes.

“Your new venture sounds very interesting, and I look forward to learning more about it and possibly contributing. A somewhat similar-sounding venture (Global TradeNet) was launched recently through FITA. It was conceived as a Wiki for international trade, inviting contributions from Charter members (e.g., NASBITE) and others. I have contributed some items. I am curious about how yours will differ from theirs.

The GlobalTrade.net site is indeed interesting.  The FOCUS of WorldTradeDaily.com will be much, much narrower.  WTD will concentrate on World Trade Data and the corresponding information technologies and business applications.   

We will attempt to address such topics as:

  • What types of data & information are available?  
  • A deeper and better understanding of the data itself.  
  • What it can give you and what it can’t.  
  • The technologies available to manipulate and report on said data.  
  • And finally hearing from various users on the specific business applications for the data, how is it being used to make informed business decisions?  

World Trade is composed of $trillions of dollars of transactions and movements of products and services.  Those that work in the field, whether buyers or sellers, those in logistics or sales as well as people in education, regulation, security, consulting or real estate development use and depend on various types and kinds of trade data to make informed decisions.  The WTD forum will focus upon understanding and exploring issues related to Trade Data for the betterment of the world trade community at large.  

Another provocative intention of mine is to have all the databases and technology I developed (including the waterborne manifests) available free to the public in an open source environment.  Now that I have hopped over into the non-profit environment, I hope to dedicate my energies toward innovation and community development, which was really always at the core of my business purposes anyway.  

Note: For more information on FITA.org and GlobalTrade.net and their US VP, Barney Lehrer, you may refer to WTD articles: WTD Front Door Series: FITA the Federation of International Trade Assoc. and Musical Maestro Undergoes Midlife Renaissance to Become the Minister of International Trade Webworks

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