Trade News: From the U.S. Census Bureau and Department of Commerce

From U.S. Department of Commerce: Census Bureau Announces Half of U.S. Respondent Businesses Were Home-Based.  The survey found that more than half (51.6 percent) of all businesses that responded to the 2007 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) were operated primarily from someone’s home in 2007. In addition, only 6.9 percent of these home-based businesses had $250,000 or more in receipts, while 57.1 percent of home-based businesses brought in less than $25,000.  The Spirit of Entrepreneurship is a flame of hope economically speaking.  

From U.S. Census Bureau: Census Bureau Reports U.S. Employer Firms Show Declines in Number of Establishments and Employees. In 2009, businesses with paid employees numbered 7.4 million, a decline of 168,000 establishments from 2008, marking the second consecutive year of decline, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Further, between 2008 and 2009, employment dropped 5.3 percent, a decrease of more than 6 million employees, for a total of 114,509,626.  In 2008, the number of establishments decreased by about 104,000.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  She and we need to get busy producing more entrepreneurial children. 

U.S. Projected to Remain World’s Third Most Populous Country Through 2050, Census Bureau Reports.  Through 2050, the United States is projected to remain in third place behind India and China among the world’s most populous countries, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. These findings are derived from the population estimates and projections for 228 countries and areas released today through the Census Bureau’s International.

Census Bureau Reports 64 Percent Increase in Number of Children Living with a Grandparent Over Last Two Decades.   In 2009, 7.8 million children lived with at least one grandparent, a 64 percent increase since 1991 when 4.7 million children lived with a grandparent, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.  These statistics come from the household relationship module published in the report Living Arrangements of Children: 2009. Good for the old and good for the young. 

Back to School: 2011-2012: The following highlights the many statistics associated with the return to classrooms by our nation’s students and teachers.

  • Back-to-School Shopping: $7.4 billion- The amount of money spent at family clothing stores in August 2010.
  • Students: 77 million- The number of children and adults enrolled in school throughout the country in October 2009 — from nursery school to college.
  • Forty-three- The percentage of elementary through high school students who belonged to a minority population as of October 2009.
  • Languages: 11.2 million- Number of school-age children (5 to 17) who spoke a language other than English at home in 2009; 8 million of these children spoke Spanish at home.

One of our greatest strengths as a country, in the U.S., is our diversity.  

From DOC: Resources for Manufacturers – A Month in Review. highlighted programs, resources and efforts made to help American manufacturers grow faster and become more competitive. Why? Because the manufacturing sector has been a main driver of the economic recovery over the past two years, with over 230,000 jobs added since the beginning of 2010.  Check out this post for a list of pertinent articles.

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