Extraordinary (Top Secret) Report on TI Providers Published by the EU, Part 1

In the WTD article: International Trade Data Considered Confidential, Top Secret or Dangerous, I wrote that, “During a presentation on trade data and application to a European convention of trade associations in Koln (Cologne) Germany, I exhibited the specific trading patterns and shipment details of several of their top exporters.  Amidst currents of grumbling and disquiet throughout the audience, one spokesperson finally stood up and screamed, “How are you allowed to obtain and publish such information [about our companies and] who will stop you!?”

Interestingly enough, the EU published a comprehensive and well written survey of many of the top Trade Intelligence Providers in an effort to deal with this issue.

The following are excerpts from the “Catalogue of WEB Data Services on Global Trade” written by C. Versino, M. Tsukanova, G.G.M. Cojazzi, circa 2010 on behalf of European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen. The mission of the JRC-IPSC is to provide research results and to support EU policy-makers in their effort towards global security and towards protection of European citizens from accidents, deliberate attacks, fraud and illegal actions against EU policies.  A copy of the complete 90 page survey may be download from our WorldTradeDaily.com Google docs site.  

“This document is a catalogue of WEB services providing data on global trade. It updates to March2010 the first edition published in 2007. Each service is described in the catalogue according to a form specifying data fields, geographical coverage, temporal span, search criteria and reporting facilities on data records. The information has been derived from WEB sites, email contacts with service providers, trial runs, and interviews with users.”

Specifically, the sources examined are:

ANONYMOUS:  WEB application on a cargo data-warehouse. Contains import/ export container records from about 40 countries. Data sources can be queried from a single interface point. The data are searchable in English. Pay service.

COMEXT: Statistical datasets focused on European Union trade covering intra – and extra – community trade. Maintained by the European Commission Statistical Office (EUROSTAT). Free access service.

CTI & CSS: China Customs Imp & Exp Trade Database (CTI) provides shipment data from and to China. China Customs Statistics (CCS) offers China import and export statistical information. CTI & CCS are online services provided by the same company. Pay service.

EXIMKEY: Indian import & export customs data. Free access service covering a limited number of customs sea/air ports in a time frame of 24 months.

GTA & WTA: Statistical trade data for about 70 countries reported monthly. Value, quantity, unit price, reporting country, and trading partner country on both exports and imports classified in HS and country-specific subdivisions of HS. Some countries provide information included in additional data fields, such as: importer/exporter information, port/customs district data, reexport/domestic export data. Excellent interface to navigate the data. Pay service.

This Article will be continued in Extraordinary (Top Secret) Report on TI Providers Published by the EU, Part 2.

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