World Trade Daily – Month In Review for July – Part 1

The month of July started with two posts recapping the previous month of June.  World Trade Daily – Month In Review for June – Part 1 and Part 2.

In July we started a new series entitled “World Trade Center Spotlight”.  Written and edited by Louisa Avery, each spotlight focuses on one of the 300+ World Trade Centers belonging to the WTCA, across the world.  Ideally, World Trade Centers epitomize what Trade Intelligence is all about: blending data, services, facilities, network, resources and people in order to better facilitate international trade.  Combined these WTCs boast of almost 1 million member companies.  Here are the ones spotlighted in July:

They’ll be more to come in August.

In conjunction with one of the WTC Spotlights on Utah, we uncovered some interesting information on the state in the following articles:

We also launched another new series entitled, “Trade Reports” in which we employ data and reports generated in part from the Prospects and StatsPlus TI Applications originally developed by CenTradeX and later acquired by PIERS/UBM Global Trade last year, as well as other sources.  During the inaugural launch of this series in the third week in July, we focused on our region, Tennessee, and the Medical Equipment sector as well as other related data stories.

Another series we began in July was the WTD Editorial, based upon questions posed by our readers with questions such as: “How does differ from other International Trade Information sites?”; “I’m trying to decide between several Trade Intelligence Providers products, which do you think provides the most accurate information?”; “What is the U.S. Market like for TI products?” and “Where can I obtain the U.S. Customs Waterborne Import Manifest Data?”

In World Trade Daily – Month In Review for July – Part 2 we will list the other articles appearing within the month for easy reference.

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