World Trade Daily – Month In Review for July – Part 2

In Part 2 we continue our summary and organization of the WTD articles which appeared within the month of July.  Another of the improvements we made, in response to reader feedback, was to expand our coverage of news that is pertinent to international trade and economics. In fact we dedicated almost a third of our articles in the month of July to that objective:

These timely news articles run the gamut from trade data to IP protection to global economic recovery to world food-less-ness to BRIC country reviews.  We gather, sift, sort and review hundreds of stories a week looking for those we believe will be valuable to our readers as a “one-stop-shop” as it were for issues relating to Trade Intelligence – both in a strategic and tactical sense.

We also published several “special reports” in July that are of note beginning with an Independence Day post that included the largest fireworks display on record as well as a sobering look at the nature of financial independence or the lack thereof in July 4th Celebration of Independence: Will Financial Freedom Last?

In this special two part WTD report we outlined an EU study of most of the trade information providers throughout the world in their well crafted document.

This is a very revealing, informative and timely report that I advise everyone taking a look at.  The entire document is available for download via a link contained within the articles.

Lastly, we offer a couple of other special reports that don’t fit into a convenient (parent) heading:

We hope July’s articles were of interest and value to you.  Please feel free to offer other news sources and stories that YOU think would be important to publish.

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