WTD Editorial: Is WorldTradeDaily.com and its Editor-in-Chief for Sale?

In response to one of our recent articles on Trade Intelligence Providers, Import Genius: On the Nature of Genius and Intelligence within Trade Intelligence, I received a very nice response (posted under comments) from Ryan Petersen, founder of Import Genius.com which calls for some clarification that may be useful to other WTD readers.

“Thanks for the review Robert. Don’t you work for Piers.com though?  In any case, stay tuned for some interesting new features and product lines from ImportGenius.com. We think there’s a lot of untapped potential to do new and interesting things with the data. Our visual mapping was our first attempt at that, and it’s been a key differentiator for us versus Piers and the other IT providers. Another important way we’ve stood apart has been price, where we’ve remained the low-cost provider and steadily eaten away market share from the bigger players.”

UBM Global Trade /PIERS acquired “certain assets” of CenTradeX in May, 2010.  UBM Press Release. 

In the acquisition, PIERS acquired several of our Trade Intelligence Applications that have since become lead products, namely Prospects and StatsPlus as well as several others which have yet to be marketed.  They also obtained rights for the various technological “wiring” and referential tables by which to attach these applications to their own engine and databases.  They bought our customer list. They hired our three core technologists and the lead sales person.  I didn’t come with the package.

As outlined in WTD Backstory- Part 5: Retained CenTradeX Core Technologies & Licenses, post sale, we (CenTradeX) retained:

  • Our most important technological assets, namely our unique A.I. (artificial intelligence) engine and vast data repositories of company, product and statistical information.
  • Thirteen licenses of my (now their) software for five years: 13 licenses to StatsPlus, 13 licenses to Prospects and 13 licenses to Dashboards (which they have yet to bring to market). Said rights expire July 1, 2015.
  • Further (potential) performance-related consideration based upon retention and sales to previous CenTradeX Customers and aggregated sales of acquired software over two years, to May 2012.

I don’t receive salary, commission or other compensation from PIERS or any other TI provider.  As Editor-in-Chief of World Trade Daily, I am committed to report on the news, views and who’s who in trade intelligence from wherever and from whomever.  To bring my best, though notably biased, discoveries and opinions to WTD readers.

Therefore, be it Ryan Petersen, founder ImportGenius.com, or any other Trade Intelligence vendor, user or trade professional, I invite you to submit pertinent information on your company or product to us for publication.  See: You and/ or Your Organization Can Be Featured On World Trade Daily. General article guidelines may be found in, World Trade Daily – Content Guidelines for Prospective Articles and Interviews. If you have something that WTD readers would be interested in, I’ll publish it.

The only caveat is that I’m likely to put in my 2 cents as well.

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