Website Redesign: An Evolving Vision

World Trade Daily has published daily for over 90 days since its launch in May 1 of this year. Each month, as some of you will have noticed, we’ve made changes to the format and content of the site, in response to our readers and in an effort to bring more relevant and better organized information on International Trade Intelligence. Beginning July 1, we combined many of the categories arriving at the four that exist now*:

• Trade News (previously TI Columns)
• Data, Uses & Reports (previously TI Uses, TI data)
• Suppliers & Associations (previously TI Suppliers)
• WTD & Community (previously TI People, WTD and Me)

*Those of you who have subscribed to feeds for the outdated categories may have to revise your RSS feed settings.

So now there are only four general categories under which WTD articles are organized. Remember though, you can always search for blogs within a particular area of interest by providing key words in the search box conveniently located to the right of the category headings. Also, the several months of articles – their picture, headline and publication date – appear along the left margin (in reverse chronological order) of the website. Simply clicking the link will take you to the respective article.

We also launched several new series which run on a continual basis:

• World Trade Center Spotlight: focus on one of the 300+ World Trade Centers around the world.
• WTD Editorial: responses to questions and/ or comments posed by our readers.
• Trade Report: analysis and reporting generated from many data sources, particularly the innovated TI applications – Prospects and StatsPlus.

We vastly improved and expanded our graphic look and layout in July as well. Each article appears with a corresponding header for the particular series in which belongs. Oversized images that are appropriate for downloading and reference are listed in the footer area of the web site. Readers are welcome to utilize these images as long as source credits are attributed to We also maintain an extensive video library that is worth checking out as well.

Trade News has been expanded due to reader feedback. Typically this distillation of pertinent international trade news will be published on weekends thus 8-10 articles per month.

In the next 90 days we plan to offer a handful of commercial products and services including consulting, technology design and integration and special software licensing packages. In addition, we hope to garner more intimate involvement from TI Providers and Trade Associations.

As always, we invite you, as an international trade professional, to participate in the World Trade Daily Community by providing comments and suggestions as well as articles that you think would be of benefit to readers.

Along with your involvement, we will continue to evolve the vision, format and content of

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