WTD Commercial Services and Advanced Trade Technologies Available

We are offering several commercial products and services to the trade community, which I will briefly outline in this article and further develop and expand upon in follow-up posts.


I am available on a hourly, daily or project basis, for the many facets of developing, intergrating ad applying trade intelligence.

  • By the hour (by phone only): contact Simon Kim at GuidePoint Global to set-up a phone appointment and establish the rate.
  • By the day (billed in 1/2 day increments): Contact me directly via email.  Rate: $2,000 per day, plus expenses.

By the project (over 10 billable days):  Dependent upon the nature and scope of the project, a discount in my daily rate may apply.  I also have several handfuls of excellent technologists, writers/editors and graphic design folks at my disposal if needed for the project. Rates vary.  There are few things I enjoy more than to directing a team of competent professionals… as we work together on a innovative project toward an inspired objective.

Publication and Marketing

 This includes the development of customized content designed specifically for your company and market(s).

  • Sponsorship of WorldTradeDaily.com. Your banner advertisement will appear as the header (570 X 80) of a WTD article once each week of the year, 52 placements, 52 articles.  Your header will remain permanently attached to each of the 52 respective articles. $10,000 per year. Or “global” sponsorship of all 365+ articles per year along with site header attribution for $70,000 annually.
  • Sponsorship with (re)publishing and marketing rights.  You may integrate within your website and promote one WTD article per week – 52 articles annually – for $20,000 per year.  2 per week (100 per year) @ $40,000 and so on.  A good way to add fresh weekly content to your website.

Custom publication and marketing.  We will design, integrate, write, edit, market and administrate the blog and social networking aspects for your trade or international business related company. There’s an initial one-time set-up fee of $10,000.

  • Written, published and marketed once per week (50+ articles, averaging 400 words each with visuals): $40,000 annually.
  • Twice per week (100+ articles): $60,000 annually.
  • Weekdays (five times per week): $100,000 annually.
  • Daily (seven days a week): $120,000 annually.

Complimentary Licensing of Piers Prospects and StatsPlus.

See WTD article “WTD Backstory- Part 5: Retained CenTradeX Core Technologies & Licenses”.  NOTE: you cannot be a current PIERS client (or listed prospect) or previous CenTradeX customer to be eligible.

Our vision is to see WorldTradeDaily.com develop into a vital interactive community of trade professionals representing every aspect of World Trade and Development.  To help seed this vision, we are offering a subscription to StatsPlus or Prospects- arguably the most innovative TI software available, provided that as a material and integral part of agreement, licensees regularly submit for publication articles that reflect their views and experiences and be available for occasional surveys and research studies.   We are limiting the number of available licenses within each particular facet and function involved in International trade (academia, government, NGOs, Logistics, Maritime, commercial, consulting, etc.).  A minimum commitment of 2 articles per month for each subscription is required (4 per month if both StatsPlus and Prospects are utilized).

Licensing of CenTradeX Technologies.

Post-sale, we retained the most valuable, most essential aspect of our technologies, namely our “A.I.” Engine and referential database repositories.  These innovative assets are available for licensing on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, starting at $100,000 annually.

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