Special Report: Top Tier Trade Intelligence Providers: Bloggers’ Blogs

From Panjiva Blog: Global Trade Trends by Josh Green: The Angry Birds Invasion: “Panjiva’s New York office has been stocking up on Angry Birds plush toys.  It appears we’re not the only ones.  The green pigs should be afraid.  Very afraid. “ I just love these guys’ creative blogs. International Trade Data is usually about as sexy as dirt… though it is packed full of value.  It takes a creative mind to unlock and communicate its treasures in a way that will get attention and communicate value.  

From Datamyne – International Trade Blog – Business Intelligence Blog by Nancy Dennigan: Japan’s Chemical Reaction: “Trade data captures disruptions in Japan’s organic chemicals exports.”  “As expected (and covered extensively by the media), our data confirms a precipitous drop in the country’s top export – motor cars and vehicles (HS 8703) – with April 2011 shipments down 64% compared to April 2010, and May’s shipments down 33% compared to May 2010.” Datamyne, consistently professional and pertinent. “God, please send them a creative graphic artist to redo their blog header and layout.”  

From PIERS Transportation: Bills, Bills, Bills: Gaining a Competitive Advantage and Unlocking New Markets: “Master and House Bills of Lading are important to all parties in the supply chain, particularly for NVOs, freight forwarders, and 3PLs. Being able to view the relationship between the two Bills on a regular basis can mean opening doors to new markets and gaining an inside track on your competitor’s strategy.  A Master Bill is issued by the carrier and can provide important details about the relationship between the carrier and the Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) or Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO). A House Bill, issued by the NVOCC, is between the NVOCC and shipper/BCO—a gold mine of company names and commodity information.” This is a very interesting piece (at least for anyone who uses U.S. Customs Waterborne Import Manifest data) on understanding the differences and benefits of the respective BOLs.  

From Import Genius: NOTHING since their post on Introducing the New ImportGenius.com on February 24th?!  Come on Guys! Get back on the horse and publish.  

From Zepol. Introducing ComplianceMonitor: “Zepol is excited to introduce our newest product, ComplianceMonitor™, to our current array of trade intelligence products including TradeIQ™ and TradeView™. ComplianceMonitor™ allows users to proactively stay up-to-date on important compliance related information and changes. Along with sending ‘Updated Reports’ when there is a change, ComplianceMonitor™ also allows users to receive e-mailed ‘Historical Reports’, search by HTS Codes, see U.S. Customs rulings, quotas, tariffs, antidumping and countervailing actions, and more.” Somehow Zepol’s post didn’t show up in my Google Reader Feeds, I missed it… or their publishing system has gone awry.  Notwithstanding, I checked their blog to see what was new.  

All of the “Top Tier” TI providers (those listed in this post) seem to have added some type of automated “alert system” to their interfaces.

I can remember when Chuck Wigand, originally with me at CenTradex, now with UBM /PIERS and I came up with the idea in our little Nashville Conference room many moons ago.  Now it’s a standard feature.  

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