World Trade Center Spotlight: Denver, CO

I have only stayed in Denver once, but it is a city I would love to live in. For someone like me who loves the outdoors and sports, this city is perfect.  There are so many places to drive to and things to do around Denver: ski resorts, the Beer Triangle including Coors Brewery, Boulder, gold rush towns, Rocky Mountain State Park, Estes Park, Rafting on the Colorado River, and so much more.

Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City because it is located in the spectacular state of Colorado at exactly one mile above sea level. It has 300 sunny days a year– more than Miami or San Diego. Denver is the largest city located almost halfway between the West Coast and Chicago, so it is a major location for storage and goods distribution. Denver’s location also allows for telecommunication to both North American coasts, South America, Europe and Asia in the same business day. This is ironic since Denver is one of the few cities that was not built on a road, railroad, or navigable body of water.  It was built where the first flakes of gold were found. Denver is also one of the few cities that has 8 professional sports teams.

World Trade Center Denver

Over 275 companies and individuals are members of the WTC Denver. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies import, export and establish overseas operations.  The WTC Denver also maintains the Colorado International Trade Database which lists Colorado exporters and importers and over 1000 manufacturers and service providers.  The Denver World Trade Center is located in the financial district adjacent to 17th Street which is known as the “Wall Street of the West”.


Mission: The World Trade Center Denver will provide sustained value to its constituents and the community by being the private sector focal point for international business in Denver and throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Officers: Karen Gerwitz, Executive Director as of August of 2010.  Ms. Gerwitz brought 20 years of experience in international business and communications to the position. Justin Szymik, Director, Educational Services.

Background: Formed in 1989. The founding partnership consisted of Metro, BCE Development, Denver Chamber of Commerce, Colorado International Trade Office, and the Rocky Mountain District Export Council.

Exports: Colorado’s exports increased 14% last year but still lag behind the national average of 21%. Businesses are being encouraged to tap into the export market (from Breaking Import Export News.) From the International Trade Administration: Colorado’s export shipments of merchandise in 2010 totaled $6.7 billion.  In 2009, the metropolitan area of Denver-Aurora was responsible for 53.1% of Colorado exports of $4.3 billion.  A total of 4,755 companies exported from Colorado in 2008 and 88% were small and medium size companies. The state’s largest export category is computers and and electronic products ($1.8 million) then processed foods ($976 million), chemicals manufactures ($873 million), and machinery manufactures ($701 million).

Export Destinations: 25% of Colorado’s exports went to Canada in 2010 ($1.7 billion) Other export destinations were: Mexico ($590 million), China ($559 million), the Netherlands ($331 million) and Germany ($321 million).

Services:  WTC Denver is an active and certified member of the WTCA. There are 4 key service areas: Information, Education., Advocacy, and Connection.  Services offered include: Certificates of Orgin, Certificates of Free Sale, WISER Trade Statistic Reports, Colorado International Trade Database serarches, training programs, meeting rooms, and roundtables. The International Trade Education and Training programs are impressive. One can earn a Certificate in International Trade by completing 3 required courses and 9 elective courses. The website is full of information, services, news, and many events consisting of educational classes.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Denver
1625 Broadway, Suite 680
Denver, Colorado 80202  USA

Rocky Mountain State Park & Coors Brewery

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