Help Wanted: World Trade Daily – Staff or Freelance Research Writer

Freelance:   A “pay-per-article” arrangement for candidates who have particular experience  and knowledge in a specific facet of international trade, from which we can develop and publish an ongoing weekly “column”, such as supply chain logistics, data analysis and reporting, or trade policy, regulation and enforcement.

Staff: A Research Writer/ Editor for The acceptable candidate will have the following essential qualities/ skills:

• Be highly self-motivated/ self-directed.
• Have excellent written and verbal skills.
• Be a very good researcher.
• Be an excellent communicator.
• Have very good people skills.
• Be a good project manager (coordinating many elements toward timely completion).
• Have overall expertise with a wide range of computer & web based applications.
• Having knowledge of international business, trade and/or technology is a plus.
• Having knowledge of social media and standard marketing tools and resources: email, tags, SEO, links,             publishing processess, newsletters, etc. intended to help grow the WTD audience base.


Research, gather, review, coordinate, edit, write and publish daily content for the World Trade Daily website. Be responsible for the quality and timeliness of blog articles, published seven days a week, 365.25 days a year. Specifically, duties include:

• Contact and schedule interviews with pertinent people on interesting WTD topics.
• Research, write/revise web content for WTD articles from existing sources.
• Help find, cultivate and retain featured authors who contribute regularly to WTD
• Work closely with writers, suppliers and blog contributors /sponsors.
• Create and maintain content /contact management files and project work flow.
• Assist in (be able to support & talk intelligently about) other areas of WTD business including technology, business applications, sales, client services and administration.
• Assist GM/ Editor-in-Chief in all aspects of business & development.
• Keep records: track income & expenses and maintain necessary files.

Other Considerations:

• I’m looking for an engaged, passionate, self-directed, competent assistant who will be committed to assisting me in realizing the evolving vision of
• Initially this is a part-time position– approximately 20 hours per week, depending upon experience and efficiency. You would be paid as an Independent Contractor (no taxes withheld). No benefits. Semi-flexible schedule. Most work can be done remotely/ independently.
• Over time, I’m willing to consider an increased rates, equity participation, revenue share and/or bonuses based on performance and WTD profitability.

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