WTD Website design, Navigation and Participation within the Community.

WorldTradeDaily.com has been set-up within WordPress.com utilizing the premium (i.e. paid for) template “Headlines” by WooThemes. As a result, there are some exciting and useful tools and resources available inherent via WordPress.com as well as some (at times) frustrating limitations.

First let’s look at the basic design of the site. There are two navigational menu arrays:
• The first (darkly shaded) exists at the very top of the page above the WTD header/ banner. Organized within it’s parent, child, and grandchild categorical hierarchy you will find static referential content such as links to trade information suppliers, interesting blog sites, video library and other resources available on or through WorldTradeDaily.com as well as commercial products and services that we offer.

• The other (lightly shaded) navigational menu system is below the header and directly above the content area. Herein you will be able to easily locate various articles which have been published at WorldTradeDaily.com, organized by category. This menu ONLY displays blog posts/ WTD articles and is generally organized within each respective category by the date published with the most recent at the top. Please feel free to suggest other categories you think would be pertinent.

Any given article may exist within several categories at the same time. For instance, an article posted by a trade intelligence provider “X” about specific types and kinds of data and reports “Y” for a common business application “Z” could potentially be found under all three categories –X, Y & Z –although this is uncommon.

At the bottom of each posted article you have the opportunity to comment and thus provide valuable feedback, insight or differing viewpoint. You also have the option to share the article via the listed social media link or through your own social network.

There is a search utility located on the far right of the category menu for locating articles on a particular topic or to find a specific page or post.  Located on the left hand side of the site or in the footer are a number of helpful widgets, which display most recent posts, links, recent WTD tweets, contact information and other useful tools. One of the most important of which is the subscription option. By signing up (providing an email address and name) you will be notified when a new article is posted on the WTD web site as well as qualify for free open source access to our data repositories.

You also have the option of subscribing to an RSS feed to our whole site or for a particular section. This is a handy way to integrate content into your website or simply keep informed on specific topics of interest.

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