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Maurice Kogan, at the CITD has assembled one of the very best collections of helpful links and resources on international trade available on the web. Check out the resources at their website, called theirTrade Information Database” or you can click on one of the links listed below.  Each of the links takes you, in turn, to a “jump page” with the appropriate sub-categories (links) conveniently organized.

Export Readiness Tools: How to information and tools to prepare and train for international trade:

Trade Reference Tools: Quick look-ups to commonly needed international commodity codes definitions and conversions:

Trade & Economic Statistics: Worldwide trade and economic data needed to track international trade flows by country, to assess economic conditions and to access and segment markets.

Foreign Market Research: Extensive industry country and topical market research to help pinpoint best export markets assess particular markets, adapt to local cultures and customs, and develop effective market entry strategies:

Trade Contacts & Leads:  Trade directories and specific trade leads to identify prospective suppliers buyers and distributors:

Trade/Investment Regulations: U.S. and worldwide laws and regulations affecting market access and compliance:

Trade Documentation: Requirements, procedures and forms needed for documentary compliance:

Trade Promotion: Directories of trade shows and other events for face-to-face contact with potential buyers:

Finance & Insurance: Trade finance/insurance guidance, programs, sources of assistance, and on-line application:

Transport & Logistics: Requirements, tools and services to manage logistics and deliver the goods:

International Trade News: Current developments on topics industries and regions of interest to international traders:

Trade Resources Directory: California U.S. Government international private sector and academic sources of assistance:

You may also want to check out the WTD article we did on Mr. Kogon earlier this year.

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