World Trade Center Spotlight: St. Louis, Missouri

The only time I have flown in a helicopter is over St. Louis. I walked around the river front and went into the Gateway Arch, as well as going to the vineyards in nearby Hermannm, Missouri.  The Norton wine there is amazing. I am looking forward to attending a week long training in St. Louis this fall. (I have forgiven the St. Louis Rams for beating our Tennessee Titans in Superbowl XXXIV…almost.) St. Louis is a major port on the Mississippi River and the gateway to the west thus the huge Gateway Arch. Its economy relies on service, manufacturing and tourism. It is home to nine Fortune 500 companies.

The World Trade Center St. Louis serves not only the St. Louis metropolitan region, but also the state of Missouri and Southern Illinois markets excluding Kansas City. It is certified in the top 10% of the 300 World Trade Centers globally and has assisted regional businesses in achieveing almost a quarter of a million dollars in new international business.

World Trade Center St. Louis


 Tim J. Nowak, Executive Director;  See Mr. Nowak’s interview with Small Business Monthly. His experience is in business development, domestic and international sales, and management. Stella Sheegan, Director, Programs & Training,

Mission:  To develop a comprehensive international agenda for the region by bringing together the human expertise and the government resources for international business growth.

Background:  Established in 1993.

Exports: Missouri’s largest merchandise export category is transportation equipment ($3.0 billion in 2010).  Other top merchansdise exports are chemical manufactures ($2.7 billion), machinery manufactures ($1.4 billion), processed foods ($1.3 billion) and electrical equipment, appliances and parts ($662 million).

According to the ITA: one fifth of all manufacturing workers in Missouri depend on exports for their jobs.  4,710 companies exported goods in 2008. 85% were small-medium-sized companies. Major sources of foreign investment in Missoui include the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France.

Missouri’s export shipments of merchandise totaled $12.9 billion  in 2010. Canada was the largest market with $4.0 billion which was 31% of the states’s total merchandise exports. Markets following were: Mexico ($1.3 billion), China ( $987 billion), Korea ($655 million) and Japan ( $596 million).

Services:  Trade Education, Market  Intelligence Reports, Networking & Connectivities, Customized Research, Referrals, Sales Contacts, etc.  There are trade resources such as a Trade Tool Kit, International Resource Database,  a Trade News and International Business Headlines Report, and  “Trade Ties” Business Networks.


9/23  Growing Global 2011 – Tables of Ten

9/26-29  Missouri DED Trade Mission to China

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Saint Louis
121 S. Meramec, Suite 1111
St. Louis, Missouri  USA  63105
 Great views from the sky over St. Louis…
        And the fabulous tasting Norton Grape.

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