Trade News: DEC Conference, China Issues, Haitian Exports & More

From Global Reach (U.S. Census): Explore Exporting at the National District Export Council Conference November 2-5, 2011. Experts in all facets of exporting from getting started, to identifying foreign markets, to finding buyers and financing export transactions, will provide the latest information to help you leverage the competitive advantage U.S. businesses have for producing high-quality, innovate goods and services.

From DOC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Issues its 8 Millionth Patent. It took 75 years to get to patent 1 million in August 1911, yet just six years to get from patent 7 million to today’s 8 millionth patent. “This kind of innovation is a driver of our nation’s economic growth and job creation,” said Director David Kappos.

From Silk Road Intl: Endangered Species: Chinese Middle Managers. Most Chinese factories have the one or two guys that started the company with 10 years of experience and then a bunch of line workers and college grads all with either no education or training and/or only a couple years of practical work experience.  This phenomenon means that there are limited numbers of people that have both actual production-floor experience AND managerial experience.

From Tradeology (ITA): In promoting U.S. trade interests, it can be easy to forget about the other side of the coin: imports and their importance as inputs to U.S. manufacturers and exporters. Early last year the Census Bureau started to include state-level merchandise import data with their monthly data release, which is now also available on their TradeStats Express platform.

Again, from Tradeology: Haiti Uses a Bit of MAGIC to Energize their Textile Industry. Despite seemingly overwhelming odds, Haiti continues its road to recovery. This struggling nation is slowly rebuilding after the devastating earthquake in 2010. The Haitian textile and apparel industry is the country’s largest manufacturing sector, and employs more than 28,000 workers, and apparel constitutes more than 80 percent of all Haitian exports to the United States.

From Euromonitor, a related article: Will Asia Lose its Crown as the Apparel Sourcing Destination of Choice?  Asia Pacific is currently the world’s number one destination for apparel manufacturers. However, in recent years the region experienced a number of issues that caused significant problems for apparel companies.

From Intl. Economic Law & Policy: Chinese Land Purchases: Not Just in Africa Anymore. A Chinese tycoon plans to buy a vast tract of Icelandic land for a $100m tourism project which critics fear could give Beijing a strategic foothold in the North Atlantic.

From Importers & Exporters: China Sourcing Fairs October 2011. Global Sources is organizing a number of China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong, from 20-23 October, 2011

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