World Trade Center Spotlight: Warsaw, Poland

Someday I will visit all the major cities of Europe including Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland.  Poland is the only European Union country that maintained positive GDP growth through the 2008-2009 downturn.  It’s GDP is $721.3 billion and by sector: services 63.5%, industry 33%, and agriculture 3.4%.  The industries include machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass , beverages and textiles.

It is an alpha global city and major international tourist stop as well as an important economic hub for Central and Eastern Europe.  It is also known as the “Phoenix ” city because it has to rebuild over and over after many wars. This is a beautiful city with buildings that represent every European style and historical period. It’s business community is growing constantly.  Warsaw was ranked as the 7th greatest emerging market.  Some of the largest international companies there are: Coca-Cola, General Motors, Nestle and Procter & Gamble.  There is a large service sector which employs 70% of the workforce.  Hundreds of Poland’s largest banks and many major foreign banks are present in the city of Warsaw.

WTC Warsaw is a member of the Trade Point Federation.


Mission: ” The WTC Warsaw supports the efforts of the city of Warsaw, to be recognized as one of Europe’s most improtant capitals for business and commerce.  The WTC Warsaw is not competing with other business organizations but it assists, cooperates and compliments them by offering a different set of services and possibilities not available elsewhere.”

Background: A member fs the WTC Association since 1990.

Leadership:  dr. Jolanta Tourel, President. dr. Andrzej Arendarski, Chairman.

Exports (Poland): $162.3 billion (2010 est.)  machinery and transport equipment (37.8%), intermediate manufactured goods (23.7%), miscellaneous manufactured goods (17.1%) and food and live animals (7.6%). Exports go to: Germany (26.9%), France (7.1%), UK (6.4%), Italy (6.3%), Czech Republic (6.2%), Netherlands (4.3%) and Russia (4.1%)

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Warsaw
Polish Chamber of Commerce Building
4 Trebacka St.  Suite 417
00-074 Warsaw, Poland
tel: 48.22.6567711

 Warsaw, Poland



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