Selected Articles on Trade Intelligence & Business Applications

As we near the close of 2011, I thought it apt to publish and review and recap of some of the articles that focus on particular interest areas requested by readers in the past.  One of the frequent topics is on the nature of the often referred to but usually misunderstood term, “trade intelligence”.

Another important area is how trade statistics are utilized within business to make a real difference; i.e. application.  What can you do useful and important with trade data?

First, on the nature of Trade Intelligence and understanding Trade data.  Trade Statistics present a great “big picture” but impersonal view of trade activity.  Company data sources give profiles of the “traders”, but U.S. customs data can provide a container by container, day by day in-depth “pixilated” high resolution portrait of trade, trade patterns, trade partners and many specifics of the supply chain.  Therefore, IMHO, it is the most valuable resource available in the data arsenal, especially when connected with the other types and kinds of data. Articles of interest may include:

On the various business applications for Trade Data I present links to a few of the ones I found interesting.

The exciting (and valuable) thing is to use the various types and kinds of data available to create “three dimensional” (if you will) portraits of trade.  Once you can craft such a story, the treasures of understanding and prosperity that such understanding may yield, become more evident.

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