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Included in the original vision and mission when we launched last May was offering advanced technologies and databases to the trade community at large (free of charge) with the idea of expanding the understanding and innovation within the field.  Unfortunately, since “free” still requires considerable financial and technological resources to launch and maintain, this aspect of the original vision and mission have yet to be fulfilled.  The expansive database repositories and advanced technologies still represent retained CenTradeX Assets that still possess tremendous intrinsic value.  In 2012, I will attempt to better represent and promote these resources.  To those interested in learning more, I suggest the following:

Along those lines, we published a series of articles that represent the story behind WorldTradeDaily and the development of the innovative CenTradeX applications, acquired and now marketing by PIERS /UBM Global.

One of the most interesting series of articles that I developed over the last several months was an in-depth review and analysis of the Trade Intelligence providers that work with the U.S. Customs Data.  I focused on what I named the five “top tier TI providers” as as well as a cursory review of the dozen or so other “second tier” ones as well.  I dedicated the better part of a week on each, the first part of each week’s series is linked below.
Various Trade Data Sources and Value propositions offered by their products and services. Since the most likely prospects out there to purchase retained CenTradeX assets and contract my service are those who are in the business, particularly those who utilize U.S Customs data, I have dedicated many articles to them, their products and their particular strengths and weaknesses.  In fact 6 full weeks (4 articles each week) were dedicated to the players.  This is optional, but potentially valuable reading (for quick review) to understand the nuances of the value proposition that U.S. Customs data provides.

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