New Content Focus for World Trade Daily: Overview of Commercial Technologies, Products & Services

As some of you may have already noticed, beginning January 1 of this year, we dramatically revised the focus of

Whereas we had focused upon International Trade Intelligence in general – including reviews of data providers, pertinent global news, world trade centers as well as loosely associated stories on intercultural communication and internet marketing – we now have narrowed the focus strictly to International Trade Data and its business applications.  Even news stories, which run on the week-ends, will specifically focus on international trade data or will feature articles published by trade data providers.

Specifically, Monday through Friday, we will primarily be publishing data reports that look at international trade within various metropolitan areas, then drill down into the individual trading patterns of major importers and exporters as well as looking more closely at the products they buy or sell.  Many times we will include a link to download the detailed and comprehensive shipping records for a particular company which reveal their foreign sources and many aspects of their supply chain.

Although we pull from many governmental and ancillary sources for these reports, we largely depend upon PIERS Prospects and Stats Plus Trade Intelligence applications for the underlying data. Originally developed by myself and my team at CenTradeX, then later acquired and now marketed by UBM Global Trade, these products represent cutting edge technologies.  Therefore, one of the primary reasons for using the applications to generate these reports is to demonstrate the commercially available technologies, products and services which we currently have at our disposal and are wanting to promote for contract, sale or license.

Last week, each day, we published an article on a particular product, technology or service provided through World Trade Daily and myself.  For more information, click on the link provided below.  In summary, they are as follows:

Complimentary Licensing of Piers Prospects and StatsPlus.  Educators and trade professionals will be considered for a complimentary license provided that as a material and integral part of agreement, they regularly submit for publication articles that reflect their views and experiences in International Trade, utilize the software and be available for occasional surveys and research studies.

Research & Reporting, Publishing & Social Marketing and Sponsorship.  Custom publication and marketing: we can take the pain out of publishing for you.  Contract with us to provide all of your blog design, content development, technical administration and social marketing. We can produce content designed specifically for your company and target market(s).

Database Repositories for License or Sale. Data is THE fundamental building block used in constructing Trade Intelligence. Our accumulated data repositories contain decades of statistical, company, and product information as well as the daily import waterborne manifests from U.S. customs and five years of transactional import & export data from China.

Artificial Intelligence Engine Connects the Dots.  Our A.I. engine is the most advanced system by which to parse and normalize the daily waterborne data. It uses complex internal scripts while referencing a huge company database of millions of international trading companies and connects this transactional data to company, statistical and ancillary data.

Consultation, Application Development & Project Management.  I am available on an hourly, daily or project basis, to consult and lead during the many facets of developing, intergrating and applying trade intelligence.  I also have several handfuls of excellent technologists, writers/editors and graphic design folks at my disposal if needed for the project.

International Trade is a trillion dollar industry that operates in many ways like it’s still in the industrial age.  I’d love to help you wield the technological resources to better compete and succeed in the global market place.  Please feel free to contact me:

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