Index of Metro World Trade Reports by Topic Area Through February 16, 2012

Beginning the first week in January 2012, we dramatically refined the focus of  Week-ends are still reserved for pertinent economic and trade related news, domestically and abroad. However, Monday through Friday, we publish trade reports originating from various Metro areas in the U.S.  Each week, we highlight 1 or 2 top importers or exporters for a particular region as well as their primary products.

Occasionally, we will interrupt our Metro Series Reports to cover recent developments on a trade data provider or it’s products, specific details about an important data source – such as aspects of the U.S. Customs Waterborne Import data series or to direct attention to one of our unique technologies or services.  Bottom line, content is much more focused on International Trade Data and the valuable stories that can be extracted from it.

Although we utilize a host of statistical and referential trade related sources to gather our information for our reports, two primary trade intelligence applications we regularly turn to are Prospects and Stats Plus, originally developed by CenTradeX and later acquired by UBM Global Trade /PIERS.

Here is a list of reports that have been written by staff research writer /analyst Isaac Thompson thus far, compiled for easy reference.  We will update this list every month or so.  You can also refer to the navigational menu at the top of the website.

Metro Areas:

International Traders:

Related Products:

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