Trade & Economic News from Euromonitor: Credit Crunch, Exports & Consumer Trends

Regional Focus: Another Credit Crunch for Eastern Europe?  The unravelling of the eurozone sovereign debt crisis throughout 2011 and 2012 is placing increasing pressure on Eastern Europe, as Western European banks continue to withdraw liquidity from the region. An ensuing credit crunch could potentially halt economic growth across a number of regional economies, with both businesses and consumers hit by credit restrictions and falling expenditure levels.

Eastern Europe Exports

Western Europe is the primary destination of Eastern European exports, largely due to regional proximity, EU trade links and high levels of demand from major economies such as Germany and France. However, as a frugal tone sets over the EU, amid recession and possible debt crisis contagion, Western European economies are likely to significantly reduce their imports, hitting Eastern European exporters. In 2010, Eastern Europe’s exports to the EU-27 reached US$712.2 billion, accounting for 64.4% of the region’s total exports for the year.

Slowdown in Global Arrivals in 2012 as Euro-zone Faces Decline. Due to their high dependence on intra-regional travel, many Euro-zone countries are set for a fall in 2012 as austerity measures and on-going economic uncertainty take their toll, with demand from key European source markets weakening.

Top 10 consumer trends of 2012.  Euromonitor International has identified the top 10 consumer trends of 2012: Click the link to read more.

  • City living reigns
  • Consumer vigilantes speak up!
  • DIY life
  • Emerging market shoppers
  • Future imperfect – youth
  • Green thrift
  • Reality culture and consumers
  • Smartphone universe
  • Tech lifestyles versus slow living and the best of both
  • Weight as a hot topic/ Health kick

Top Ten Foodservice Chains to Watch. While U.S.-based chains remain dominant in many markets, competition from local players has grown exponentially over the last five years, with local players across the globe growing in both sales and ambition.  Several Food Chains are well on their way to taking their place as major global players over the next ten years. While booming markets like China, Brazil, and India are well-represented, real innovation is underway on every continent, from Latin America to Western Europe, as local stalwarts combine lessons learned from leading global chains with real advances of their own.

Current Trends in the U.S. Snack Industry.  In honor of National Snack Food Month, Euromonitor analyzes the current trends in the U.S. snack industry.

  • Hot/Spicy Flavours “Heat Up” the Market
  • Unique Snack Formats Reshape the Industry
  • “All-Natural” is Key
  • Merger/Acquisition Activity Grows
  • “Healthy Alternative” Snacks Gain Momentum

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