Community Bulletin: Send Us Your Report Requests

Most week days we, at run various types of trade reports on a particular Metropolitan region, a corresponding top importer /exporter located in the area, products /components and designated trading partners (countries), in accordance with our motto; “Uncovering and Reporting on the Stories Buried within International Trade Data… Every Day.”  Weekends we reserve to run pertinent news stories – pulled from various sources – on some aspect of international trade and economics.  Every month I’ve also been drilling down into some technical aspect of trade data and business intelligence.  Occasionally, our readers will submit a interesting article to be included within our forum.

Since January 1, my son Isaac Thompson, who is finishing his first of two years in Graduate school at University of Tennessee – Chattanooga for Industrial Psychology, has been utilizing PIERS Prospects and Piers Stats Plus as well as a handful of ancillary data sources to develop the aforementioned Metro /company/product/country trade reports.

The selection is guided by his interest and input from myself and interested readers.  Therefore, we invite you – our readers – to provide us your suggestions and feedback on trade reports you would like to see developed.  In addition, you are welcome to submit particular requests related to a story you see published within our forums.  The following is a recent example resulting from the article, “Indianapolis, Indiana: Metro World Trade Profile – Top Importers & Exporters“.

“My firm has been engaged by Indianapolis Airport Authority to develop an airfreight strategy.  Pursuant to that end I have been in search of Indiana trade data by industry, firm, product, value, and weight for all imports and exports.
From your article, “Indianapolis, Indiana: Metro World Trade Profile-Top Importers and Exporters,” it appears you have the data. Are the Excel files available? If so, how might I get them?  Looking forward to your response.”

Response:  “Thank you for your interest. We certainly do have access to the excel files: all waterborne trade by industry and location. For individual companies we can see all the bills of lading. With a quick search there seem to be almost 2000 companies importing in the state. I included an excel file with all of them, titled Indiana Import Companies. One of the largest companies in the area is Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company. I included an excel file of their shipment for the last 12 months, titled Eli Lilly shipments. We can of course separate that data by import / export, commodity, etc.

The last attachment is a screen shot of the top industries in the area, Indiana, by weight shipped. We can view individual companies from this screen.  So it depends on the size of your project and what your goals are. We are available for any services you require.  I hope this helps.  

Download Indiana Import Companies.  Download Eli Lilly Shipments.

Top Industries shipping into Indiana by teus and weight

If your request exceeds the scope and size of an average article, Isaac is available, on a free lance basis @$35.00 per hour, to conduct research, analysis and write reports utilizing the very powerful trade intelligence applications at his disposal.  You may contact him via Linked-In or directly by email:

We also invite you to review a description of our additional commercially available technologies, databases and services.

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