From Panjiva: Fourth Quarter Trade Analysis and Last Month’s Trade Data Report

Panjiva, as I have reported previously within a series of articles on their company and products, has developed a respectable trade intelligence application that focuses on assisting U.S Importers with identifying and vetting foreign suppliers.  From what I have experienced thus far, they are a “class act” that is setting the pace within that particular niche.  Therefore, I am happy to pass on pertinent reports and updates, as I receive them.

Recently, from Panjiva – courtesy of Libby Fortier, Communications Executive on their behalf I got this communique:

“I thought you’d be interested in the latest two data reports from Panjiva, the leading source for information on global trade and overseas suppliers.  

First, the company today released its February monthly data report, which analyzes U.S. Customs data. Activity experienced a significant seasonal decline in waterborne shipments. Specifically, month-over-month the report found:

  • Number of waterborne shipments coming into the U.S. experienced a 20% decline from January to February, which may be due to the Chinese New Year.
  • 12% decrease in the number of global manufacturers shipping to the U.S.

You can find further information on the February data on Panjiva’s blog here.

In addition, Panjiva also released its quarterly Trendspotting report (full version is attached to this email), which analyzes macro level trends from Q4 of 2011 using U.S. Census data. Some high level takeaways from this report include:

  • Toys, games and sports equipment shipments are down 13% quarter-to-quarter (specifically for video games).
  • Sweater shipments (knitted apparel) are down, likely due to the warm winter.

She forwarded me the the complete quarterly report, which I invite you do download and review at your leisure.  The following several charts will provide you a peek at their published results.

4th quarter winners by category

4th quarter winners - country

4th quarter losers by category

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