GTIS Global Trade Information Services: “The World’s Data at Your Fingertips” Part 2

Continued from part 1.

“The Whizmachine” Global Trade Atlas

Ok, so you got  a broad picture about what GTIS is, what Global Trade Atlas is, and who’s using it, but you want the details!!! Okay, well here we go…

Global Trade Atlas is an online trade data system that “offers a unique perspective for viewing the world’s merchandise and trade statistics allowing users to view world trade flows for products using the latest import/export data from official sources of more than 80 countries. Russell, from the GTIS customer service team stated that one of the “ways we hope to develop is by updating database functionalities, and hopefully adding new countries. However, for now we only get our data directly from customs agencies and the official government.” GTA primarily uses the Harmonized Code (2-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit, and further detailed as provided by country) allowing users to determine the specificity of their searches. When asked why there are no provisions for other codes, such as NAICS, SIC, SITC, etc., Russell explained that, “the Harmonized code is the most detailed of the codes, and some of them are no longer being used. We have the capabilities for translating some of these codes, but we are primarily HS code.” By default, however the “history” of this data cannot really extend beyond about twenty years, so for longer term data, you may need to look elsewhere.

Upon the features of the World Trade Atlas, Global Trade Atlas has also added the “Extra Data Field Module,” which allows users to sift through data by reporting country by region or state, mode of transport, port or customs district, or re-exports and domestic exports. The data displays value, quantity and average unit price, import or export market share, and percentage change.

Okay, all good things, but what if I’m looking for a specific commodity for multiple countries, or a certain product group, or maybe all the trade of one or more particular countries, can GTA help me? YES! GTA users can choose to subscribe to all of the above and then determine whether they want to be updated monthly, quarterly, or annually.

You can use Global Trade Atlas to:

  • Track imports and exports of a product on a global scale on one screen
  • Identify new markets and competing products
  • Analyze trends in the market by viewing historical data
  • Find the existing market share of each product by country

Other features of Global Trade Atlas include:

  • Ability to download any screen or selected selection directly into Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Use the interface in multiple languages
  • Find the HS product via keyword or number
  • Derive import/export data for countries not available in the GTA

Bottom line, right? Well, subscription fees are based upon your needs and these three factors

  • Number of reporting countries
  • Number of 6-digit commodity codes
  • Frequency of data updates per year

Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain actual numbers since each of these criteria are important in determining the subscription cost. Contact GTIS Customer Service for specific pricing. Subscriptions are for a full calendar (12 months) year and if you want to experiment with the program before purchasing you may ask for a trial…but you have to ask!

GTIS continues to look for new ways to promote a better understanding of global economic development, with its innovative software, a professional staff with strong international trade backgrounds, and experienced professionals in the trade field with the latest technology.

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