2nd Tier TI Providers, Part 3: India Based InfoDrive, Cybex, IBIS, Tips & Others

Next up on second tier Trade Intelligence Providers is InfoDrive India, the apparent Godfather of India based providers.  Their website declares, “Find actual Buyers and Suppliers from 12 Countries Export Import Data From Customs.”

InfoDrive India, the Godfather of India based TI Providers

Info Drive India boasts of a database containing almost 200,000,000 records.  Through an affiliate, Eximguru.com, they also offer an online, Searchable Encyclopedia of India Foreign Trade Rules, Regulations and Policies.  Their website is translatable into 9 languages (besides English).  Notwithstanding most of their listed clients seem to be based in India. Per their website, they apprehend their data from:

  • Global Export Import Trade Data from Customs of US, UK, India and China
  • Bill of Lading Invoices, Bills of Entry, Invoices, Shipping Bills, EDI Systems
  • Shipping Manifests and Ports

As the name implies, they specialize in India import/export data.  Their database is updated on a monthly basis.  India data post 2005 does not reveal company names. Records are searchable by Harmonized code at an 8 digit level.  Cost per Record is only 16 cents, thus to download 100 shipment records, the cost would be US $ 1.60.

They also offer transactional data from the UK, India, China and Russia as well as U.S. Customs (waterborne import) Data – available either online or CD – as well as a handful of Latin American Countries.   Particulars of access and pricing are not directly revealed.  For example, in order to order U.S. Customs data, prospects are required to fill and submit a form.

Cybex ExIm Solutions: Similar to their cousin, InfoDrive India, Cybex specializes in transactional, statistical and regulatory trade information for the greater India region. They offer some India port and air data too.  In addition, Cybex also offers Customs type import data for the U.S. & UK as well as transactional import and export data for China and Russia. China import sample reportIndia export sample reports arranged by industry/product.  They list 5 record based subscription plans ranging from $10 to $300 for 400 to 20,000 records (India Data base).

IBIS. International Business Information Services.  India Transactional Import and Export data.  They publish 24 reports per year on each of four industries: Steel, Metals, Chemicals & Polymers and Plastics & Rubber. Each report lists the trading volumes, values and approximate CIF/FOB prices, detailed consignment by consignee, source/destination details and product description. The same data is presented country-wise also, separately for imports and exports.

TIPS.  Indian import and export customs data.  India’s version of the U.S. Customs data except that records post 2004 mask company names.

Uruguay based Urunet report screen

Neighboring TI provider, STATISTIKA VED – is a Russian service providing transactional data on import and export from Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Moldova. Records available only in Russian.

Uruguay based Urunet offers trade statistics, transactional (manifest data) and custom reports/consultancy for Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela as well as China and Spain.  Their website is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  Click to see Samples of their interface and reports.  YouTube video demo (Spanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T20diEvIWHM.

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