2nd Tier TI Providers, Part 4: China Based Goodwill (CTI), Trade Info 365 & IE Intelligence

Goodwill China Business Information Limited (aka CTI /CSS) offers Transactional, Statistical and Credit Reporting for and about China and Chinese importers and exporters. They are also an authorized PIERS reseller within the Greater China Region.  I suspect they, in turn, are the third party provider for PIER’s China Trade Intelligence.

CTI (China Customs Import & Export Trade Data Base) is considered the most exhaustive source of information on Chinese trade.  The company running CTI (Goodwill) has been appointed ‘world-wide agent and distributor for issuance and distribution of China Trade Information as collected and edited by the Statistics Department of Chinese Customs’.

Trade Info 365, one of the best China TI Providers

One of the best second tier providers I have run across because the founder contacted me directly and asked for coverage is China based TradeInfo365.  As we noted in our previously published article, TI Provider TradeInfo 365 Provides Transactional Trade Data for 10 Countries, they not only provide what seems to be a fairly sophisticated online search and reporting utility atop U.S. Customs Data, but they also offer similar transactional detail on trade from the UK, China, Korea, Russia and several Central or South American countries.

Several TI providers including Datamyne and PIERS as well as several foreign suppliers offer transactional data for the same Latin American countries, leading me to believe that these databases are relatively easy and inexpensive to apprehend.

China based World Integrated Import Export Intelligence Solutions (IE Intelligence) touts North American and China Import –  Export transactional databases as their primary product/solution.  All available U.S. Customs data fields are listed as accessible.  However, they also list over 20 other countries wherein they offer data as well.

Their pricing plans are cheap.  A limited 1-year subscription to U.S. Customs data is only $30.  IE’s “premium” subscription plan that provides for monthly CD distribution with DBS export and unlimited users sells for $149 annually!  Annual China Import OR Export data subscriptions start at $599.  IE indicates that they’ve been in business for 5 years and have over 500 customers.

Race to the Bottom Winner, IE Intelligence, with subscriptions priced @ 8 cents per day

The current leader in the “race to the bottom” regarding the commoditization, commercialization and distribution of U.S. Customs data, at this juncture, can certainly be awarded to IE.  At 8 cents (USD) per day, U.S. based Trade Intelligence providers will have to bring a tremendous amount of “value added” to the Customs data in order to compete.

There are more TI Providers out there and there are more TI Providers coming.  I’ve heard about two new ones from China alone in the last month. The newest (www.zovina.com) is rumored to be an Import Genius look alike. At the present the URL meta tag indicates “Actionable Competitive Intelligence” but the website fails to resolve.

Perhaps in the near future, I’ll have to create a new category, Third Tier Trade Intelligence Providers, to accommodate all the newcomers. I’m not sure how much more room there is at the bottom though.

I once entertained the notion of providing U.S. Customs data free of charge as a method of garnering website traffic and “up-selling” value added Trade Reports and Services.  At this juncture though, data has become commoditized to the point of losing most of its perceived if not intrinsic value.

IE Intelligence Simple Search Screen

IE Intelligence Reports Screen

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