Special Report: Video Library of Trade Information Providers

WorldTradeDaily.com maintains a large collection of videos produced by various Trade Intelligence and data suppliers.  These provide a good reference tool to help evaluate each respective information source. Videos from what I call the “Top Tier” Trade Intelligence providers can be found here.

Up until now, we had been utilizing the VODPOD widget for the WordPress.com interface, but found that it significantly increased the loading and thus wait time for our readers.  On the other hand, it displayed a lovely graphic representation of six of the 150+ videos we currently maintain.   Alas, the ongoing conflict between the artist and the engineer part of me resulted in the elimination of the widget in favor of less graphic oriented navigational links located on the header bar at the top of the site. Therefore, I am writing both to notify readers of the change as well as to draw special attention to this resource.

Our current collection is divided between 12 categories or channels.  This repository is still maintained at VodPod.  The links below will take you to the respective channel.  As mentioned, the links are also located within the header bar under Video Library.

  1. Umbrella VodPod category of all videos and all channels: WorldTradeDailycom
  2. PIERS (UBM Global Trade).  6 videos: 3 each of hi-res and standard resolution versions: …/PIERS
  3. Datamyne.  10 videos but many are produced by some customer or data geek. …/Datamyne
  4. Zepol. A dozen fairly well produced videos featuring various aspects of their product.  …/Zepolvideos
  5. Panjiva. Great blogger but could only find one video which is in a one minute promo spot.  …/Panjiva
  6. Import Genius.  8 videos including several “case” studies from actual customers as well as “how to apply the data to do “X”.  Good approach. Not just “promotion” or “how our product works” type of videos.  …/ImportGenius
  7. Market Access Map (offered by the International Trade Centre- ITC) is an interactive utility for “making import tariffs and market access barriers transparent”.  Their collection of 13 videos are intended to train users.  …/maketaccessmap
  8. Trade Map (also by the ITC). “Trade statistics for international business development.” 8 videos. …/itcvideos
  9. Investment Map (also by the ITC). Interactive utility “for better foreign investment attraction and targeting.” There are 8 training videos. There are also other resources available at the ITC website that are worth checking out.  …/investmentmap
  10. U.S. Commercial Service.  5 “testimonial” videos, several “how to make international sales” ones.  …/commercial service
  11. Misc. TI Videos.  Currently 3 videos: one about the WTCA and 2 about HS Classification.  …/miscTIvideos
  12. Personal Views: Last, and perhaps least, is one solitary satirical video which reflects my personal view of the typical approach taken by TI providers, analysts and users toward the U.S Customs Waterborne Import BOL data.  Originally it was a Powerpoint I used in a presentation made at the now defunct ITDU (International Trade Data Users) conference in D.C. to a mixed reception.  …/worldtradedaily

Please let us know if you know of any videos that you would recommend for our library.

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