Norseland Inc.- Trade Profile and Import Sources

Norseland Incorporated

Norway has been a significant source for American specialty cheeses for many years. Jarlsberg, just one brand under Norseland Inc, is the number one brand of specialty cheese in America. It has been exported to the states for over 40 years. This cheese is manufactured in 20 lb wheels and 10 lb loaves. Because of the longevity of cheese and its heavy weight, it is a product that requires shipping to cross the world. Some other notable Norseland Inc cheese products are Norwegian Specialty, Woolwich Dairy, Garcia Baquero, Old Amsterdam, Gabriella, Suprema, and Ilchester. Norseland Inc has over 500 sales representatives in the United States alone. In Bridgeport, Connecticut, Norway is the number one source of foreign goods. A major contributor of Norwegian imports is Norseland Inc (click here for Bridgeport MSA Trade Profile).

Norseland Inc Imports to the United States: Sources and Commodities

Because Norseland Inc is a foreign cheese importer, naturally their exports out of the States are zero. In 12 months the estimated value of imports brought into the States by Norseland Inc was 41 million dollars, arriving in 651 shipments from 8 countries. Of course Norway was the largest source of product with an estimated value of 21.7 million dollars. Spain was the second largest sources with an estimated value of 15 million dollars and then Ireland was third with 5 million dollars worth of product. All products arrived only a few miles south of the Norseland Inc’s headquarters in New York. Cheese HS: 0406 was the largest import, accounting for more than 38 million dollars worth of the imports.

Top countries sources of United States imports of cheese from Norseland Inc over one year list chart by estimated value and shipments

Top port of Norseland imports arriving in the United States and top commodities by estimated value harmonized code product description with shipping details

Norseland Inc Cheese Suppliers

By looking at specific Bills of Lading we can view specific company sources of cheese for Norseland Inc. Tine is the most recent supplier from Norway and here is a link to their website. The most recent supplier from Spain is Lacteas Garcia Baquero. The most recent supplier of cheese from Ireland is Dairygold Food Ingredients. In depth supplier source information is made available through PIERS Prospects. Below is the part of each Bill of Lading that documents the supplying company.

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