PetSmart: World Trading Profile and Sourcing Report

PetSmart Inc

PetSmart is a pet supplies and services retailing chain. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (click here for Phoenix trade profile) PetSmart was founded in 1986. By 2010, it boasted roughly 1,160 PetSmart stores serving all pet needs from birds, fish, cats, dogs, gerbils, and horses.

PetSmart Inc Imports by Country

PetSmart Inc imports an annual estimated value of 200 million dollars worth of waterborne products. These come in a total of 2,141 shipments. 1,852 of these shipments come from China, click here for shipment excel data sheet, accounting for an estimated value of 173 million dollars worth. 9% are from Thailand and 3% are from India. The 3% of shipments from India make up an estimated value of 5.8 million dollars worth of imports.

Top counties of import sources by Petsmart Inc overseas foreign value mtons shipments dollar amount chart shipping trends location China, Thailand, India

Top Commodities

The top commodities imported by PetSmart are HS 420100, Saddlery, Harnesses, and Leads of any material. These are anything from horse saddles to dog muzzles and leashes. The import value of this one product code alone is 131 million dollars annually. The second most valuable import commodity is HS 950390, toys and parts. These are all the specialty devices, tennis balls, cat towers, chewy stuffed animals, etc. Toys constitute the second largest section of imports by value, accounting for 55 million dollars of imports.

Top Petsmart imports; value by product and shipment. harmonized standard code. Petsmart suppliers overseas.

2nd top Petsmart imports; value by product and shipment. harmonized standard code. Petsmart suppliers overseas.

PetSmart Import Companies 

Best Made Toys Global Limited is just one source company for PetSmart, click here to see their website. They are a Chinese based company that supplies about 6 million dollars of the HS 4201, saddlery, harnesses, and leads. Dan-Dee International Limited is another source, mainly of stuffed toys and parts. Below is snap shot of some PetSmart source companies.

Click here to download the full PDF of the companies.

Click here to download a complete, detailed record of over 300 of Petsmart’s shipping manifests.

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