Electric Space Heaters: Trade Profile, U.S. Importing Companies, and Free Data Download

Electric Space Heaters, HS: 851629

Electric Space Heaters, Harmonized Coded: 851629, are plug-in heaters. These are commonly used by construction workers in the winter to keep from freezing within the depths of an unfinished house. They are also commonly used by Americans who wish to be economical. Space heaters reduce one’s reliance on central heating units which can be very expensive to maintain, repair, and use. Central heating units generally heat the entire house, thus they can be extremely wasteful, as many rooms within the house may be unused or unoccupied at a certain time. Space heaters can be set in one room, restricted to a certain time and temperature, saving the user electrical expenditure. Space heaters can also be used in locations where the central heating does not efficiently reach, like a basement, attic room, bathroom, etc. Space heaters are a common commodity in the United States, so we may ask: what does the global market look like, where does the United States fit into that schema, and what specific U.S. companies import foreign-made heaters into the States?

World Import and Export Market for Space Heaters

China is the world’s leading seller/exporter of electric space heaters. They dominate 70% of the world’s export market. China produces 70% of all foreign bought electric space heaters. China made an estimated 1.3 billion dollars in 2009 alone from its export sales of space heaters. Germany was the second largest exporter and the United States was sixth, producing 46 million dollars from space heater sales abroad. United States was also the world’s leading importer/ buyer of foreign-made electrical space heaters. They bought 23% of the world’s for-sale heaters. In 2009 Americans sent out 447 million dollars overseas to foreign lands for electric space heaters. Below is a list of the top exporters and top importers by value accompanied by a pie chart displaying country percentages of market dominance.

List of the top exporters and top importers by value accompanied by a pie chart displaying country percentages of market dominance electrical space heaters graph comtrade data percentage dollar amount 2009 world overview

United States Sources of Foreign Made Electrical Space Heaters

The United States is the world’s top importer of foreign-made electrical space heaters importing most of them from one location: China. In 2010 the United States imported 88% electrical space heaters from China.  The overall 2010 trade balance (export – import) in electric space heaters is a negative 508 million dollars. So what specific United States companies are buying and importing these Chinese products?  We have available for free download a complete dataset with all 332 U.S. companies that are importing Chinese made electrical space heaters. Below is a screen shot of the dataset with company names arranged by employment number. We see the U.S. Army and Wal-Mart at the top of the list. Download the free dataset here and run any kind of analysis you like. The dataset includes: company name, product information, employment, sales, corporate executives, web address, street address, etc. Enjoy.

Top United States companies importing Chinese made goods specifically electrical space heaters full data set available free download world trade shipping and imports corporations 

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