Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals: Trade Overview and Import/ Sourcing Data from Israel

Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals 

Eli Lilly is the tenth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Built in 1876, Eli Lilly is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 38,000 employees work for Eli Lilly. While it is an American company more people are employed outside the United States (20,657) than within the country (17,400). Eli Lilly products are sold in 125 countries. Eli Lilly brings a large benefit to Indiana where it has 11,500 employees who receive an average salary and benefits of 150,000 dollars. Some of the most known Eli Lilly brands are Cialis, the viagra substitute, Cymbalta, an anti-depressant, Gemzar, a cancer inhibitor, Methadone, the replacement painkiller for treating heroin addicts, Prozac, the famous serotonin blocker, and many others (click here to see full list). With PIERS Prospects we can track waterborne imports and exports.

Exports of Eli Lilly Interamerica Pharmaceuticals

88% of the last 12 months of shipments sent and received by Eli Lilly were exports, totalling an estimated value of 250 million dollars. Of the many exports 42% of the goods shipped out went to the United Kingdom with an estimated value of 118 million dollars, 29% went to Brazil with an estimated 42 million dollars, and 5% went to Panama with an estimated value of 18.6 million dollars.  Download Detail of Lilly Exports here.

Top Export Destinations for Eli Lilly Interamerica Pharmaceuticals, Including location, shipments, and estimated values. Dollar values of pharmaceutical exports from Eli Lilly to United Kingdom, Brazil, Panama, and Australia

Imports of Eli Lilly Interamerica Pharmaceuticals

Eli Lilly has a unique import profile. Israel is Eli Lilly’s largest import source. Israel supplied 128 shipments to Eli Lilly in one year, amounting to an estimated value of 137 million dollars. The United Kingdom was the second largest source for Eli Lilly. The UK supplied Eli Lilly with 47 shipments at an estimated value of 44 million dollars.

Imports of Eli Lilly Interamerica Pharmaceuticals, list by country of origin, source, shipments, and estimated value, including countries Israel, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico

Eli Lilly Imports from Israel: Vitamins and Anti-Infective Drugs, 

Eli Lilly spent 137 million dollars in one year on importing Israeli goods. Vitamins, HS: 300450, are the largest import by volume. Anti-infective drugs, HS: 300490, have the highest import value. Both of these products are sold to Eli Lilly by one company: Koffolk Animal Health & Nutrition. Koffolk develops animal health and nutrition products (click here for their website). Eli Lilly shipment data from December 2010 to December 2011 bought from Israel is available here.

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