U.S. Medicine Imports from Israel Including Importers and Suppliers

Medicine in Doses: United State’s Import Position and Countries of Source

This report deals specifically with Medicine in Doses, HS: 3004. United States is the world’s second largest world importer of medicine in doses (click here for our world import-export profile of medicine in doses). Israel is America’s third largest source of medicine in doses. United States imported 4.9 billion dollars of medicine/ pharmaceuticals from Israel in 2010. In this year Israel accounted for 12% of all U.S. spending on foreign-made medicine. For a brief on medicine world trade, imports and exports, click here.

Below is a pie chart displaying United States imports of medicine by country of origin.

United States Imports of Medicine in Doses by country of origin. Top sources are Ireland, Germany, and Israel. Pie chart : graph of top ten United States import source countries.

Israeli Companies Exporting Medicine to the Untied States

Israeli Companies Selling the United States Medicine

With PIERS Prospects we can gain a view of the individual Israeli companies selling medicine to the United States. There are a total of 17 Israeli companies selling pharmaceuticals to the United States. Below is a list of all 17 Israeli companies. For further insight, the entire dataset with company name, location, phone number, product codes, etc, can be downloaded here.

United State’s Companies Importing Medicine from Israel

United States Companies Buying (Importing) Israeli Medicine

What United States companies are importing Israeli medicine? There are 22 United States companies importing pharmaceuticals / medicines from Israel. With the data set we can arrange companies by plant size, sales, or year established. I arranged the companies by corporate employees. Below is the full list of all 22 United States companies importing medicine from Israel. If you would like to look further into the data, the full excel spread sheet is available for use here. For a more in-depth trade snapshot of a large American pharmaceutical company, check out our profile on Eli Lilly, whose main foreign source of imports was Israel (Link to Eli Lilly).

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