Diamond Foods Inc. Export Profile Analysis of Imports of Walnuts by Spain

Diamond Foods Inc  

Diamond Foods Incorporated is a company that most Americans are familiar with. Kettle Chips, Emerald snack nuts, Pop Secret popcorn and Diamond of California snack and culinary nuts are all brands under Diamond Foods. Founded in 1921, Diamond Foods has more than 1,700 year round employees. Here is link to the company website.

Here is an excerpt, “San Francisco-based Diamond Foods is a high-growth innovative packaged food company focused on building, acquiring and energizing brands including, Kettle Chips, Emerald snack nuts, Pop Secret popcorn, and Diamond of California snack and culinary nuts. The Company’s strategy is to build brands from the ground up as well as identify opportunities to energize and add value by making a relevant connection to the contemporary consumer. Diamond’s products are distributed globally in stores where snacks and culinary nuts are sold.Founded in 1912 with a strong heritage under the Diamond of California brand, Diamond Foods completed its initial public offering in July, 2005. The Company has approximately 1,700 year-round employees and its stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol DMND.”

They are leaders in American snacks and nuts. America is the world leader in nut exporters, click here for a world view on nut trade.

Diamond Foods Inc Export Shipments

In the last 12 months Diamond Foods Inc has exported 967 shipments worth an estimated 45 million dollars. Thailand was the destination of almost half of these shipments, with an estimated value of 6.8 million dollars. Spain received 10% of Diamond’s exports in 104 shipments, worth an estimated 12.5 million dollars. Spain is the second largest country buying United States nuts. By worth Spain was Diamond Food’s largest buyer. Below are the top destinations by shipments and value of Diamond Food’s exports.

List of top countries receiving Diamond Food exports, by shipments and overall value. Mainly nut and snack exports to Thailand, Spain, Germany, and Netherlands

Diamond Foods Exports to Spain revenue by product category, Walnuts

Export Product Breakdown

Products HS: 080231 and HS: 080231 are both walnuts. They accounted for 33% of all shipments. While they only account for a third of Diamond Food’s exports by shipment, walnuts were worth 34.5 million dollars of Diamond Food exports. Walnuts constituted roughly 77% of Diamond Food’s waterborne foreign export revenue. This is why so much revenue was brought in from Spain. 76% of the last 12 months of shipments to Spain were walnuts. Walnuts accounted for 91% of Diamond Food’s generated export revenue from Spain. This custom pie chart was generated from analysis of Diamond Food’s export shipment data, constituted of 12 months of bills of lading. To preview raw data click here.

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