U.S. Imports of Honey from Argentina: Glorybee Natural Sweetener’s Honey Imports by Origin and Value

This report covers U.S. imports of honey, HS: 0409, from Argentina. We position Argentina as a source for imported honey. We then list United States companies buying and importing this honey. We conclude with a look at Glorybee Natural Sweetener’s  imported honey by value and country of origin. Glorybee’s 2011 bills of lading are available for download for those who are curious.

Untied States Imports of Honey: Argentina 

The United States is the world’s second largest importer of foreign honey in the world (see world honey report). Argentina is the largest supplier of foreign honey to the United States. In 2010 the United States spent 54 million dollars on honey from Argentina.

Below is a list of all the countries that the United States imports honey from with Argentina in the number one position.

United States Imports of Honey 2010, list by country, estimated value, and market share percentage with pie chart

U.S. Companies Buying Honey from Argentina 

Honey products can be used for a variety of products. Different grades are sold for different uses. The most pure honey is used for human consumption. Less pure honey is often used as flavoring for beauty products and drinks. If a country wanted to sell the Untied States honey, the first step would be to see who in America is buying it. With PIERS StatsPlus and Prospects we can find out exact companies buying honey from Argentina. Below is a list of all 13 United States companies buying and importing honey from Argentina.


Web Address

Givaudan Fragrances Corporation www.givaudan.com/
Glorybee Natural Sweeteners Inc www.glorybee.com/
Wego Chemical And Mineral Corp www.wegochem.com
Rhe Hatco Inc  
Fotis And Son Imports Inc  
Cm Goettsche & Co Incorporated
Strahl & Pitsch Inc www.spwax.com
Pure Foods Inc
Impex Group www.impexgroup.com
Shannon Machine Co
Coin Wrap Inc www.coinwrap.com/
Gonzalez And Tapanes Foods Inc La Le Foods
Strohmeyer & Arpe Company Inc www.strohmeyer.com

Glorybee Natural Sweeteners Inc Honey Imports

To get a further glimpse into a specific company’s honey imports from Argentina, we get more data on Glorybee Natural Sweeteners. Glorybee brings Americans sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts, oils, and mainly, honey. Since we know that this company is importing Argentinean honey, we can look at the company profile available on PIERS Prospects to find how much honey they are buying.

We have access to the last year’s worth of Glorybee Natural Sweeteners Inc bills of lading (available here). Using this dataset we find out shipments by value of honey that Glorybee brought to the United States and from where. Although Glorybee does import Argentinean honey, they much prefer United Kingdom honey, honey from the Netherlands,Vietnam and India. Below is a custom-made bar chart representing Glorybee’s imports of honey in 2011 by overall value and country of origin. We can see that although Glorybee imports 2.5 million dollars of honey every year, only 85,000 dollars worth come from Argentina. This type of analysis is available for virtually any shipped product coming to the United States from any company.

Glorybee Natural Sweeteners Inc honey imports for 2011 by value and country of origin. Glorybee imports honey from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Vietnam, India, and Argentina

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  1. irwin harlton Reply 27/03/2013 at 17:01

    Since when did the UK become a surplus producer of honey, enough to export, I call BS, I think its probably all Chinese transshipped honey, from all the countries except Argentina

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