San Diego: Economy, Port, Exports, and Companies

This report covers export data for San Diego and the Port of San Diego. General stats of San Diego’s exports are documented. The report has a data set available on all 1,000 exporting companies in San Diego. We conclude with a table of prominent companies that includes estimated value, export percentage, and commodity description.

San Diego

San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States and second largest in California. Its metropolitan statistical area is home to over three million people. San Diego’s economy is based on defense/military, tourism, international trade, and research/ manufacturing in descending order. Click here for list of companies headquartered in San Diego.

Because of San Diego’s natural deep-water harbor, it is home to the largest naval fleet in the world. Tourism is huge because of the beaches, pleasant climate, and attractions. San Diego shares a 15-mile border with Mexico and therefore is home to many maquiladora engaged companies and commercial border crossings. Maquiladora literally means “twin plants,” one in the U.S and one in Mexico. San Diego encourages this process for US companies. Click here for the general process on how a company becomes Maquiladora.

Port of San Diego 

The Port of San Diego brings in nearly three million metric tones of cargo per year.  Due to a 20-year lease with Dole Food Company, it brings in much of the Nation’s banana crop. It was ranked by Bureau of Transportation Statistics as the 27th U.S. port in 2009 by container ship.

San Diego Exports

The estimated export value of San Diego’s MSA was 16 billion in 2010. These exports made up 9.3% of the area’s GDP and supported 65,000 direct export-production jobs. A total of 113,400 jobs were export-supported in 2010, ranking it 18th in the Untied States. This data was available from Brookings Export Nation 2012.

Brookings Export Nation 2012 San Diego

San Diego Exporting Companies

We have a complete data set of the exporting and importing companies in the San Diego MSA. There are 1,041 exporting companies in this area.

Below is a table with fourteen of the main companies. In the first column is the company. Solar Turbines is a part of the parent company Caterpillar Inc. Export value is listed in the second column. The third column documents percentage of shipments that are export vs. imports. The final column displays the primary export product for each company. Individual company trade data is available per request. For the excel list of all importing and exporting companies in San Diego, click here.

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