Trade Data Report: MSA: Baltimore, Maryland. Electricity, Chemicals, Spices & More

Baltimore and Its Companies

The Baltimore metropolitan area is located in Maryland, the largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic United States and home to almost 3 million people. The name comes from an Irish gaelic phrase meaning, “Town of the Big House.”

Constellation Energy, the nation’s largest seller of electricity, finds its home in Baltimore. Grace Chemicals is also based out of the Baltimore area and makes chemical catalyst, refining catalyst, silica-based products. Its performance chemical department focuses on cement concrete additives, sealants, and fire proofing chemicals. McCormick and Company is a major manufacture of spices, herbs, and flavorings. These herbs and flavorings are available at most major food retailers in the United States and have become as common place as Campbell’s Soup. Sylvan Learning Center, Under Armour and Fila USA is also based out of Baltimore.

Baltimore’s Exports

Baltimore metropolitan area exported 9 billion dollars of material in 2008. This ranked it 31 MSA in the Nation. The export share of its gross manufactured product was almost 7%.

This once industrial hub is now more service oriented but its exports still support around 74,000 jobs. If each person making a living off of Baltimore’s export industry supported 2 dependents, the export market of Baltimore would support 222,000 Americans. The International Trade Administration United States Department of Commerce has reports on almost a third of these exports citing transportation equipment to be the largest export at 22% and Chemical Manufacturing to be the second largest export at 16%.

Grace Chemical’s Exports 

Using PIERS Prospects we can look at the largest exporting companies present in Baltimore. From this chart we can see the name of the individual companies, the addresses and the estimated value of exported material. Since one of the largest over all export sectors in Baltimore is chemicals and that one of the largest companies present is Grace Chemicals, the third largest in export value, it draws special attention. PIERS Prospects has accountable data for over 250 million dollars worth of Grace Chemical exports. It is reasonable to suggest using PIERS to gain a deeper look into this company.

Also note that most of the top 6 listed “exporters” are actually expeditors: companies who do not actually export products but simply provide transportation and coordination services. This is one of the needed qualifications that must to be attached to any intelligent analysis and application of the U.S. Waterborne shipping data.

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