Trade Data Report: Denver Based Crocs Inc.- Trade Profile & Shipments

Crocs Inc. 

Everyone has seen the shoe that is comfortable, rubbery, and colorful: the Croc. Crocs originated as a foam clog designed as a spa and boat shoe. The high versatility of this shoe shows excellent use in water environments. As a beach shoe, boat shoe, river shoe, it is nearly unsurpassed. The foam bottom is plastic which enables it to get wet and retain no liquid. This shoe, even thought it is viewed by many as ugly, created a major fashion following. As of 2007 Crocs had been trademarked in over 40 jurisdictions around the world, with its headquarters in Denver MSA (Click here for Denver MSA trade Profile).

Crocs Imports by Value and Country of Origin  

November 2010 to November 2011 is the most recent trade data available for Crocs Inc. PIERS Prospects showed a total of 18 million dollars of waterborne imports for these 12 months, occurring through 932 shipments. Download complete detail for these 932 Croc shipments. Crocs bought most of its imported commodities from China, with an estimated value of 18 million dollars, accounting for 98% of the total shipments. The Netherlands were the second country that Crocs bought from with a total of only 8 shipments valuing 144 thousand dollars.

Crocs Top Imported Commodities

The most imported commodity is HS: 3920 which are plates, sheets, or film of plastics, not reinforced, laminated, or combined with any other materials. These are plastics that can be used for the shoes. 71% of the total shipments were filled with this plastic, estimated at a total value of 13 million dollars. The second most imported commodity was HS: 640299, other footwear with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastic. This commodity had 2.4 million dollars worth imported over the 12 months. HS: 640590 was the third most imported commodity which is uppers of textile materials. This product also had about 2.4 million dollars worth imported.

Crocs’ Shipping Trends

With Piers we can look at shipping trends by shipper, shipments by country, and individual bill of ladings. We can see how many shipments are coming by each company. The Look is the main shipper, only being surpassed by Crocs Inc. in May and June. With this 12 month data, we can tell shipping trends and make projections. We can also look at total shipments by shipper and date, with links to individual bill of ladings. Here are the shipping trends and the shipment details. A full excel data set is available at the bottom.

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