Metro Trade Data Report: Tampa, Florida. Focus on Top Importer Helm Fertilizer

Based in Hamburg, Germany, HELM AG is a family owned business that was established 110 years ago. It is a worldwide marketing company that links foreign suppliers of goods to companies and countries in need. Helm is present in over 40 countries worldwide and specializes in chemicals, nutrition, fertilizer and crop protection, acids, and lyes. In 2008 HELM had 9.1 billion EURO turnover, the European term meaning revenue equal to the equivalent of 11.8 billion US dollars. Europe accounted for the majority of sales at 53% and America was second, accounting for 26% of the company’s total revenue.

HELM America Corp 

Helm’s United States headquarters is located in the New York City’s MSA and has a presence in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since this company is a major global force in fertilizer and chemical trade, it is a perfect company to research direct sourcing and resource location. Helm AG acts as the middleman between the resources and companies.

One of the largest features of HELM’s international organization is the fertilizer business. Since fertilizer is mainly a waterborne commodity it lends itself well to PIERS trade analysis. So what role does Helm play in the States? With PIERS Prospects we gain a clear picture of HELM’s Fertilizer waterborne imports and exports over a recent 12 month period, November 2010 to November 2011.

HELM America Corp Fertilizer Imports

Export data for HELM in the United States is almost nonexistent. Most of the trends show it shipping to other U.S. locations. What is strong is the huge amount of imported material HELM brings into the States. HELM imported an estimated 530 million dollars worth of commodities in the 12 month window. With Prospects we can dissect the imports by country of origin and top commodities.

HELM America Corp Imports by Country

Trinidad and Tobago were the heaviest source of imported HELM commodities. These little countries located south of Florida and Puerto Rico, yet close to the States (click for map) accounted for 70% of the total shipments. The second largest country for the origin of goods imported by value was Egypt with 45 million dollars, followed by Estonia and then Russia.

HELM America Corp Imports by Commodity

Prospects allows us to view the top commodities by shipments. Some of the top commodities can be shipped in one shipment but are very valuable, while others require a plethora of space and thus multiple shipments are needed to achieve substantial dollar value. The major commodity imported was HS: 310280, which is mixtures of urea and ammonium nitrate in solution. The umbrella code of HS: 3102 includes all mineral or chemical fertilizers.

HELM Bills of Lading from Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinidad and Tobago are the leading supplier of HELM imports to the States. When we look at the shipment record we can see shipping trends and bills of lading for each shipment. We see that all the shipments from Trinidad and Tobago are HS 310280 urea and ammonium and nitrate. When we look at the most recent BOL we see the shipper, vessel’s name, port, weight, and consignee, which is HELM. From this we can see the source or dealer of HELM’s fertilizer that is being sold in the States. Of course further research should be done on Trinidad, Tobago, available companies, and resources, but it is definitely a lead. Below is an example of the latest HELM BOL from Trinidad and Tobago.  Here is a link to the entire dataset in Excel format covering the last 12 months of HELM’s shipping imports from Trinidad and Tobago.  (Link to Excel data for 12 months of shipping data)

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