Bridgeport, Connecticut MSA, World Trade Snapshot

Bridgeport, Connecticut MSA Trade Snapshot 

Bridgeport, Connecticut is located mainland, north, above New York City. Bridgeport is the center city of the larger Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) including Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, and Trumbull. In 2009 this area was home to nine hundred thousand people, making it the 41st largest urban area in the United States just behind Austin, Texas.

Once a hub of industrial manufacturing, Bridgeport suffered deindustrialization during the 70s and 80s and subsequently altered markets. Bridgeport’s MSA today exports about 7.5 billon dollars worth of products annually, which ranks it as the 35th largest MSA exporter in the United States. 12% of the gross metropolitan product is exported.

Bridgeport’s Exports by Product Cluster

During the first half of 2010, 4.3 billion dollars worth of exports were sent out from Bridgeport MSA. The largest industrial cluster was chemical manufacturing, making up 21% of the total exports at a value of 900 million dollars. Transportation Equipment Manufacturing (15%) was the second largest, sending out 655 million dollars in the 6 month span. 2 billion dollars worth of Bridgeport’s MSA exports (51%) were comprised under the International Trade Administration’s (part of the U. S. Department of Commerce) manufacturing category of other.  A majority of Bridgeport exported products do not fall under a single NAICS. With PIERS we can get a clearer picture of what comprises “other”.

Bridgeport MSA Exports by Product Cluster NAICS export profile Equipment Manufacturing pie chart International Trade Administration U. S. Department of Commerce

Top Industries in Bridgeport MSA by Number of Shipments

With PIERS Prospects we can look at Bridgeport MSA shipments by umbrella standard industrial code (SIC). The top industry by shipments is paper mills, SIC 2621. Cutlery SIC 3421 is the second largest, followed by manufacturing industries SIC 3999, and then electric housewares and fans SIC 3634.

Top Industries in Bridgeport MSA by Number of Shipments chart standard industrialized code paper mills, cutlery manufacturing CT Connecticut table

Bridgeport, CT bucks the major national import trend of relying on China as the largest supplier of goods. If we look at shipments coming into the Bridgeport MSA by country, the number one country is surprisingly Norway. China is the second largest source of shipments arriving in Bridgeport, followed by Germany, France, and then Hong Kong. Since Norway is an unusual first place source for imported goods, it deserves a look into what kind of products and companies are shipping from Norway.

Top shipments by country into Bridgeport MSA 2010 2011 Greece, Hong Kong France, Germany, China, Norway imports container companies PIERS Prospects chart list

Top Companies Importing Norwegian Goods into Bridgeport MSA

With PIERS Prospects we can also view companies importing goods into specific United States locations by country of origin. In this case Norway was the number one source for imported goods into the Bridgeport MSA. The largest company bringing in these goods was Norske Skog (Usa) Inc. Their main product is paper which matches our industrial report above. There were more than 300 shipments of pure paper to Bridgeport from this one company. The second largest company was Norseland Incorporated which imports mainly cheese. With PIERS we can gain a much more in depth view on virtually any of these companies to include shipping trends, sources, bills of lading, executives, location, etc. Below are the top Norwegian companies importing into the Bridgeport MSA.

Norwegian companies importing into the Bridgport MSA shipments Teus rank bill of lading shipping trends 12 month company Norske Skog Norseland Incorporated chart list

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