Phoenix, Arizona: Metro World Trade Profile and Top Importers

Phoenix, Arizona MSA Companies

Phoenix, Arizona is United State’s sixth most populated city. Phoenix’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is known as the Valley of the Sun and has a population of 4.2 million people. Phoenix, the  capital city of Arizona and home to Arizona State University, has many government supported employees. It is also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies such as: Allied Waste, Avnet, Apollo group, Freeport-McMoRan, PetSmart, Pinnacle West, and US Airways Group. Best Western and U-HAUL have headquarters in Arizona, while Intel and American Express both have a major presence in the city. Click this link for a full list of corporations that have a notable presence in Phoenix.


Phoenix MSA exports 18.6 billion annually, placing them as the 15th largest MSA exporter by value. 10% of the Gross Metropolitan Product is exported, supporting 150,000 jobs. Brookings Institute. International Trade Administration groups products by category. According to ITA, Phoenix’s largest exported product cluster is Computer and Electronic Products composing 46% of the total. This one category accounted for 2 billion dollars worth of exports in just half of 2010.

   Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Arizona exports 2010 first half computer naics metropolitan exports billions chart graph pie computer electronic product manufacturing, transportation, machinery, chemical

Specific Companies’ Data 

With PIERS Prospects we can find specific Phoenix MSA importing and exporting companies. This data is made available for the specific location of Phoenix, Arizona. The top Phoenix importing companies by value are Conair, Petsmart Inc, Omnimount Systems, Asa Solutions, Alliance Beverage Distribution, and Intel Corporation.  Below is an excerpt from the excel master file with this information. The data sets include Phoenix MSA company names, street addresses, import and export values, commodity names, foreign sources, and more. Contact WTD if you have any questions. Click here to download the entire data set.

Top importers in Phoenix Arizona metro statistical area by value: Conair, Petsmart Omnimount, Asa, Alliance Beverage, Intel, Rockford, etc. waterborne foreign trade data excel file raw available download clip

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