WIT Report for HS Code: 640399 Leather Shoes

U.S. Waterborne Import Trade (WIT) Report. HS Code 640399 LEATHER SHOES

The following report will summarize the top U.S. suppliers, methods of transport, receiving ports and destination states for HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES. Furthermore, historical import trends, global market size, and product hierarchy will provide contextual understanding.

U.S. Customs data can provide transactional details on about 80 -85% of the waterborne imports of this product. Information about the foreign suppliers and U.S. importers of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES as well as many logistical details are assimilated on a daily basis. Contact us for purchasing options.

Product: HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES, Portrayed in context

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES: 4 digit parent and related 6 digit siblings

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES: 10 digit children sub-categories along with a breakdown of 2011 U.S. import trade

Trend: Ten year U.S. import history of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES: Ten year historical view of U.S. imports (USD billion)

Global Market: Top importing and exporting countries of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES

Top global importers and exporters for HS 640399 LEATHER SHOESin 2011 – 85% of countries reporting

U.S. Suppliers: Top five trade partners of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES, in 2011

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES: Top five U.S. suppliers. USD million in imports.

Method of Transport: Percentage of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOEStransported by ship, ground or air

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES; method of transport. Note the waterborne (ship) percentage.

U.S. Ports: Major U.S. entry points for receiving waterborne transport of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES

HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES: Top three U.S. receiving ports (and “other” ports) by percentage

States of Destination: Top U.S. destinations (importer location) for HS 640399 LEATHER SHOES

Top five U.S. destination states for imports of HS 640399 LEATHER SHOESin USD million.

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