WIT Report for HS Code: 731815 Screws & Bolts

U.S. Waterborne Import Trade (WIT) Report. HS Code 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS

The following report will summarize the top U.S. suppliers, methods of transport, receiving ports and destination states for HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS. Furthermore, historical import trends, global market size, and product hierarchy will provide contextual understanding.

U.S. Customs data can provide transactional details on about 80 -85% of the waterborne imports of this product. Information about the foreign suppliers and U.S. importers of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS as well as many logistical details are assimilated on a daily basis. Contact us for purchasing options.

Product: HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS, Portrayed in context

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS: 4 digit parent and related 6 digit siblings

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS: 10 digit children sub-categories along with a breakdown of 2011 U.S. import trade

Trend: Ten year U.S. import history of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS: Ten year historical view of U.S. imports (USD billion)

Global Market: Top importing and exporting countries of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS

Top global importers and exporters for HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTSin 2011 – 85% of countries reporting

U.S. Suppliers: Top five trade partners of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS, in 2011

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS: Top five U.S. suppliers. USD million in imports.

Method of Transport: Percentage of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTStransported by ship, ground or air

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS; method of transport. Note the waterborne (ship) percentage.

U.S. Ports: Major U.S. entry points for receiving waterborne transport of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS

HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS: Top three U.S. receiving ports (and “other” ports) by percentage

States of Destination: Top U.S. destinations (importer location) for HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTS

Top five U.S. destination states for imports of HS 731815 SCREWS & BOLTSin USD million.

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