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NASBITE Conference Speaker Nate Monosoff: Lessons Learned in Brazil: Strategies for Success

There were many great presenters, workshops and key-note speakers at the 25th Annual NASBITE Conference held last week, April 2012, in Portland, Oregon.

Some of them include: Dario Gomez, Associate Administrator for International Trade at the U.S. Small Business Administration; Michael Irwin, Federal Security Director;  and John Priecko, President and Managing Partner, Trade Compliance Solutions.  There were many International Business consultants, Trade Specialists, College Professors, Trade Program Directors, Economists, Business Managers and more.

Nate Monosoff

One of the highlights of the conference was the lunch presentation on Wednesday, April 19th by Nate Monosoff. Nate is a consultant for  CH2MHill. Established in 1946, today CH2MHill is “a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management.” They have 264 combined office locations around the world.

Nate talked about lessons he learned from working in Brazil. He has traveled extensively to Brazil for personal and professional reasons since 2003.  He has done public and private sector planning, engineering and consulting.  He has worked with the Ministries of Development, Industry and Commerce (MDIC), Treasury, Communications, Science and Technology, the Brazilian National Economic Development Bank and the Brazilian Industry Development Agency.

So why work with Brazil?  There are strong macro economic conditions there, says Nate.  Economic growth, a strong domestic market, natural resources, growing population, energy resources and technology, and democratic and economic institutional stability to name a few. The new middle class is projected to represent 56% of the population by 2014. Nate also says that “fiscal policies and domestic demand are forecast to keep Brazil growing sustainably…”

What are the challenges of working with/in Brazil?  One challenge is that it is not an easy market to enter into.  Secondly, the way they do business in Brazil is different from what we are used to.  Other factors are:

  • Credit can be very difficult to get and is very expensive
  • Taxes are complex and expensive
  • Enforcing contracts is not easy

Capoeira demo

Nate told stories of real experiences to illustrate the things to remember when dealing in Brazil:

  • Relationships are everything
  • Local knowledge is key
  • Language is critical
  • Time is flexible
  • Change is common
  • Rules are not always rules
  • The culture is risk averse (except when traveling on the back of a motor scooter holding a large suitcase)
  • Taxes are a big deal

Nate finished his presentation with a group demonstration of Capoeira which is a Brazilian Dance and Martial Art. He is an instructor of this amazing cultural form.

You can contact Nate at

NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional Program, Part lI

So What is the CGBP?  

It is a “benchmark for competency in global commerce. The CGBP designation demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct global business, including global business management, global marketing, supply chain management and trade finance.  For candidates experienced in international trade, the certification confirms that knowledge. For candidates just beginning, it establishes a professional development goal to ensure a full understanding of the profession.  For organizations, it assures that employees are able to practice global business at the professional level required in today’s competitive market.”

How was the CGBP created?

NASBITE contracted with Professional Examination Service to create the certification, thus ensuring the most reliable, professional and comprehensive exam. Many partners were enlisted on the international, federal, state, industry and local levels.  From 10/2000 until 9/2002 feasibility studies with focus groups were held to determine support and identify issues.  These were primarily international trade professionals from the private sector. From 07/02 until 09/03 was a practice analysis study to identify and validate the major areas of knowledge (domains). In the summer of 2003, 1500 experts in international trade were surveyed.  The final stage was to develop the exam.

 So who should become a CGBP?

  • Individuals working in the profession
  • Students studying for a career in the profession
  • Individuals in small and large companies
  • Students in 2 or 4 year college programs

What are the benefits of achieving this certification?

  • Identifies to employers a proven competence in global business
  • Assures an understanding of a broad range of issues rather than only one or two areas
  • Use of the credential logo and wording on resumes and business card

How do you become a CGBP?

  • Prepare for the test.
  • Practice test is available on-line with 75 questions.
  • Pass the NASBITE CGBP exam which consists of 150 multiple choice questions.  The exam fee is $395.  The exam is offered at Prometric test centers in over 20 countries.
  • Have completed either 2 years of college-level studies OR 2 years working in the field of global business

Go to the NASBITE website for more information.

NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional Program, Part l

Overheard at the NASBITE April 2012 Conference: “I wanted to get the CGBP certification because I wanted to get a trade promotion job with a federal agency.” And from another, “I realized that I didn’t have what it took to equip students to do international business.”

“The NASBITE International Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) provides a benchmark for competency in global commerce. It demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct global business surrounding four domains:

  • Global Business Management
  • Global Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Trade Finance

Other topics that are addressed include: documentation, intercultural awareness, resources in support of global trade, legal and regulatory compliance, and technology.

Boot Camp for the CGBP at the NASBITE Conference

Why should one pursue this certification?   In this profession, professionals are often experts in one or two aspects of international trade only.  But more and more, trade professionals need to be aware of and competent in many areas of trade…  “from understanding how to avoid financial loss in even a simple international transaction to selecting the most appropriate foreign markets”.  This certification is based on 5 years of research and testing for reliability and validity.  Laurie Wolff, now President of  NASBITE, says there are many other bogus “certification” offerings out there that are not reliable or comprehensive.  Business schools do not teach everything that is needed to be successful in this field. NASBITE is the only organization who has done this right.”

Who should pursue this certification? Anyone working in the profession or studying for a career related to global commerce: those in small or large companies, students in college programs, those working in trade assistance or promotion organizations, as well as educational institutions.

The exam for certification consists of 150 multiple choice questions offered by Prometric.  Questions were developed by experts in the four domains listed above. Candidates must have completed either two years of college or worked in global commerce for two years.

Jim Foley

Jim Foley took on the development of the CGBP when NASBITE committed itself to this goal at the 2000 Conference in Boston.  He says that the CGBP finally gives respect for international trade, because there is a standard and people can say that they know best practices.  It is truly a global standard as the 500th person to acquire the certification was from Russia and the 1000th is from China. Jim states that he hears from those who have achieved the certification that it has made a huge difference in their getting a job.

Bottom Line:  CGBP helps you get a job.

NASBITE (National Association of Small Business & International Trade Educators) Past, Present & Future, Part II


President as of April 21, 2012, Laurie Wolff ( Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL) had many things to say about the future of NASBITE.  This year she would like to see several things happen:

  • Get the recertification process going for the CGBP.  There are 1000 who have been certified, 313 in this year alone.  This certification is valid for 5 years.
  • Finish the strategic plan.

When asked what she is most passionate about, Laurie said: to keep, establish and develop relationships: bridge the gap between educators, trade trainers and practitioners to improve the quality of international trade. One way she plans to do this is with businesses at trade shows.  Tell them how important it is for them to have a comprehensive knowledge base to do global business: be familiar with the  barriers, supply chain, clearances, Somali pirates and more.  It is not enough to be an expert in one area, in today’s global business, one must have a general competency in all areas of trade.  Professionals also need standards of excellence and best practices. NASBITE has the resources and expertise to do this.

Laurie Wolff, newly elected President of NASBITE

In 1999, Laurie Wolff shares, 30% of Americans thought free trade was bad for America.  Today, 50% of Americans think free trade is bad.  Many think that exports have decreased over the past years, but in reality last year had the highest level of exports ever.  Challenges to trade are still present, in fact they are even more important today.  Globalization of students is a bigger job with fewer resources.  All these are reasons for NASBITE to educate and certify.

Barbara Moebius has her own theories as to the future of NASBITE.  She says that NASBITE is poised to take off in leaps and bounds over the next 12 years.  It will grow into an organization that self-manages rather than depending on a host institution.  There will be more staff especially to manage the CGBP. The Distinquished Fellows Council of Past Presidents will see to it!

Anmmar Alsaggaf, first time NASBITE attendee. Interning with the CITD and preparing for the CGBP.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Anmmar Alsaggaf who is a young man majoring in entrepreneurship at Fresno State, CA. who attended the NABITE conference for the first time. His director at the CITD where he is an intern rewarded him with the opportunity.  (The CITD in Fresno is funded by the State Center Community College District.) When asked why he wanted to attend, Anmmar who was born in Saudi Arabia, answered that he wanted to learn all he could for a career in international trade. While attending Anmmar learned about the vision that links education and business and that even though regions are different it is okay.

He wants to attend the Thunderbird School of Global Management and pursue a masters in International Business.  He met all sorts of alumni from the school at the NASBITE conference and found that most of the presenters of the sessions were graduates of the school as well.  One of his goals is to get the CGBP certification before graduate school.  He said that employers check out the CGBP group on LinkedIn and he wants to be in that group.

Anmmar summed up his experience with NASBITE: “There is no better place to be at, for what I want to do.”

NASBITE (National Association of Small Business & International Trade Educators) Past, Present & Future, Part I

NASBITE  International is a professional organization for the global business community.  Members include global business educators and trainers at academic institutions; trade specialists at every level and global business practitioners.  The mission is to advance global business practice, education and training.  NASBITE has 4 main goals:

  • To coordinate and administer the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) certification.
  • To promote an exchange of information and resources among global business education and assistance professionals
  • To offer professional development for those engaged in global business education and assistance
  • To provide advocacy and leadership for global business education and assistance professionals

We, at World Trade Daily, had the opportunity to attend the 25th NASBITE Conference in Portland, OR. last week.  We collected information, opinions and experiences from those who attended.

Barbara Moebius


Barbara Moebius is considered “Mother NASBITE” and as one of the founding members is considered the historian. She was the an attendee at the very first NASBITE Conference in 1988. She was president in 2000 and has been on the Board of Directors for 25 years. Needless to say, she has seen many changes over the years. “In 1988, the idea of export training was a new idea.  Using videos was new.  We did not know if others were doing this kind of work.”  says Barbara.  “In the ’80s it was all about the trade deficit. Now it is about the national deficit .”  The early days of NASBITE saw board of director meetings that lasted 3 days and into the wee hours of each morning. They were passionate about the goal to get the world to recognize the global community.  It was in 2000 at the Boston conference that the idea of a credential came up. The next 12 years of NASBITE was all about professionalizing the field of international trade education through the CGBP.  Link to NASBITE Board of Governors & Staff.


Currently NASBITE is considered “The nation’s preeminent organization for international business education, training and certification.”

This April 2012 is their 25th annual conference, where the 1000th person received certification in the Certified Global Business Professional program (CGBP). The organization is in good financial standing.  Its host institution is Cleveland State University. They have an excellent website:  The Small Business Association has accepted the CGBP for those in Small Business Development Centers.

Bob Irwin (University of Georgia, Lawrenceville GA) President until April 21,2012, now joins Barbara Moebius as a member of the very elite group called the Distinguished Fellows which is the council of past NASBITE presidents.   Their purpose is to advise the present board on budgetary concerns, university relations, etc.

Barbara Moebius was presented with the 2012 John Otis Lifetime Achievement Award at the conference. There have only been 3 persons who have received this award.  It was established in 2004 for John Otis, the original founder and who is now struggling with cancer.

Donna Davisson, Executive Director

The participants at the conference were both professional and friendly. There is definitely a sense of comradeship and shared passion among the members of NASBITE. For example,  when Barbara accepted her award she announced that anyone willing to contribute to John Otis’ expensive treatment could do so through the NASBITE website.

Conference sessions were plentiful, well attended and covered diverse topics.  Donna Davisson, LCB, CGBP, as Executive Director of NASBITE made sure the conference, which was held at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland with its approximately 300 attendees, went smoothly.

World Trade Center Spotlight: Warsaw, Poland

Someday I will visit all the major cities of Europe including Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital and the largest city of Poland.  Poland is the only European Union country that maintained positive GDP growth through the 2008-2009 downturn.  It’s GDP is $721.3 billion and by sector: services 63.5%, industry 33%, and agriculture 3.4%.  The industries include machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding, food processing, glass , beverages and textiles.

It is an alpha global city and major international tourist stop as well as an important economic hub for Central and Eastern Europe.  It is also known as the “Phoenix ” city because it has to rebuild over and over after many wars. This is a beautiful city with buildings that represent every European style and historical period. It’s business community is growing constantly.  Warsaw was ranked as the 7th greatest emerging market.  Some of the largest international companies there are: Coca-Cola, General Motors, Nestle and Procter & Gamble.  There is a large service sector which employs 70% of the workforce.  Hundreds of Poland’s largest banks and many major foreign banks are present in the city of Warsaw.

WTC Warsaw is a member of the Trade Point Federation.


Mission: ” The WTC Warsaw supports the efforts of the city of Warsaw, to be recognized as one of Europe’s most improtant capitals for business and commerce.  The WTC Warsaw is not competing with other business organizations but it assists, cooperates and compliments them by offering a different set of services and possibilities not available elsewhere.”

Background: A member fs the WTC Association since 1990.

Leadership:  dr. Jolanta Tourel, President. dr. Andrzej Arendarski, Chairman.

Exports (Poland): $162.3 billion (2010 est.)  machinery and transport equipment (37.8%), intermediate manufactured goods (23.7%), miscellaneous manufactured goods (17.1%) and food and live animals (7.6%). Exports go to: Germany (26.9%), France (7.1%), UK (6.4%), Italy (6.3%), Czech Republic (6.2%), Netherlands (4.3%) and Russia (4.1%)

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Warsaw
Polish Chamber of Commerce Building
4 Trebacka St.  Suite 417
00-074 Warsaw, Poland
tel: 48.22.6567711

 Warsaw, Poland



World Trade Center Spotlight: Chicago-Illinois

I hate to admit that I have yet to go to Chicago.  I have no excuse.  Since I moved to Tennessee 20 years ago, I have been close enough to visit for a weekend.  I want to go and experience this fabulous city….maybe in 2012.

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. and a major hub for industry, telecommunications and infrastructure. It has the 4th largest Gross Domestic Product among world metropolitan areas.  It is also listed as one of the world’s top ten Global Financial Centers with the second largest central business district in the US.  In a  ranking that includes: value of capital markets, diversity of human capital, international information resources, international cultural resources, and political influence, Chicago ranks as 6th in the world.  It is a major world convention destination with the largest convention center in the U.S. and the third largest in the world.

The 2010 total gross state product for Illinois was $630 billion which is fifth in the nation.  The 2010 per capita income was $41,411.  The state of Illinois is home to 66 Fortune 1000 companies such as Boeing, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, Sears, and United.

World Trade Center Chicago-Illinois secured the Chicago Option from the  WTCA on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10).  It is headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois with 10 satellite offices located around the state.


Mission/Statement of Purpose:  “Your Trusted partner in World Trade”  A not for profit organization providing vital international trade services to WTCIL members. “…a global trade center committed to expanding international trade between Illinois business and work markets.  Tailored for manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and import export business opportunity seekers, World Trade Center Chicago-Illinois serves as the lead facilitator and strategic catalyse of international activity within the state.”

Services: International Networking events, Educational and Training programs, Business Services, Virtual Trade Advisor database, and Virtual Trade Office.

Exports:  Illinois’s export shipments of merchandise totaled $50.1 billion in 2010. Exports include machinery (the largest export category at $12.5 billion), computers and electronic products ($5.5 billion), processed foods ($2.6 billion), electrical equipment, chemical products ($6.5 billion), publishing, fabricated metal products, transportation equipment ($5.3 billion), petroleum and coal.

Illinois’s largest market is Canada ($15 billion) and they have a mutually beneficial trade relationship.  There is almost $100 million dollars worth of merchandise exchanged daily. Illinois imports crude petroleum and natural gas from Canada. Next largest markets for Illinois are Mexico ($4.3 billion), China ($3.2 billion), Australia ($2.4 billion) and Germany ($2.2 billion


12/9-11/11: International investors Conference

5/14-15/12: Silk Road Conference

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Chicago-Illinois
1700 E. Golf Rd, 7th Floor
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Chicago and Its Financial District


World Trade Center Spotlight: Abu Dhabi

I would love to travel to Abu Dhabi, the capital and largest state of the United Arab Emirates. The photographs of this city show it to be absolutely stunning. The UAE is a state situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf.  It is a federation of seven emirates each of which is governed by an emir. H. H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the national president. The UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai is H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. UAE became independent in 1971 and Islam is the offical religion and Arabic the offical language.  Its oil reserves are ranked as the world’s 6th largest.

Abu Dhabi is a progressive Arabian city of over 1.6 million people and one of the world’s richest cities.  It has one of the largest oil reserves in the world and holds 9% of the world’s proven oil reserves and 5% of the world’s natural gas. There is also substantional investment in tourism, industry, retail and real estate sectors. It is also home to the world’s most expensive hotel, the 7- Star Emirates Palace Hotel, the Guggenheim and Louvre galleries, musuems as well as a performing arts centre. There are more trees in Abu Dhabi (120 million were planted over the last 30 years) than anywhere else in the Gulf. It is a diverse and multi-cultural society.

The WTC Abu Dhabi was designed by Foster & Partners.  It has a dramatic profile and 32,000 sqm of office space, 189 apartments, 270 room hotel, 80 services apartments, a 2,250 sqm convention centre, shops, restaurants and more.

Website:  (By far one of the most beautiful, interesting and musical website I have ever visited.)

Mission: To be the focal point of foreign trade activities in the city of Abu Dhabi by bringing together importers, exporters and service providers; to facilitate international business for companies of all sizes by ensuring stabilty which leads to overall economic growth.

Leadership: Ousama G. Ghannoum, General Manager

Exports:  $198 billion: crude oil 45%, natural gas, reexports, dried fish, dates to Japan 17.1%; India 13.6%, Iran 6.9%, South Lores 6.1%, Thailand 5.1 %.

Imports: $158.7 billion : machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, food to India 17.5%, China 14%, US 7.7%, Germany 5.6%, Japan 4.8 %.

Services:  Organizing outbound missions to explore new markets, receiving incoming business groups. Up to date information related to trade activities in the region and around the world including furnishing profiles of business contacts, including manufacturers, agent distributors, service providers and others. Other services include secretarial, translation, and hotel reservations.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Abu Dhabi
P.O. Box 51133
3rd Floor, Najda Street
Aldar Properties
PJSC, Emirates Post Building
United Arab Emirates

                                   Grand Mosque

                                                                                                                                          Abu Dhabi


World Trade Center Spotlight: Atlanta

I love visiting Atlanta.  It has the largest indoor aquarium in the world and a great art museum, the High Museum of Art.  Along with the great restaurants and hotels, seeing this city at night is awesome.  Only 4 hours from Nashville, I usually drive to the airport in Atlanta for my international trips.

Atlanta is the capital and largest city in the state of Georgia, U.S.  It is often referred to as the Big Peach (New York City is the Big Apple).  The Atlanta metropolitan area population is 5,268,860 (2010 census) which makes it the 9th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Atlanta began as a settlement located at the intersection to two railroad lines and today is the primary transportation hub of the Southeastern United States- highway, railroad and air.  The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport since 1998.  With a gross domestic product of US$270 billion, Atlanta’s economy ranks 15th among world cities and 6th in the U.S. Atlanta has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in that U.S. such Coca-Cola, Home Depot, AT & T, UPS, and Delta Airlines (the city’s biggest employer).  It is the 7th most visited city with over 35 million domestic and overseas visitors per year. Although in the Deep South, Atlanta is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the U.S. and truly an international city.

World Trade Center Atlanta provides personalized service in a professional, upscale environment. It is one of the leading business clubs in Atlanta and it is the only full service dining facility with an international atmosphere. The conference center includes seven meeting rooms, a round table boardroom and  a multi-purpose room for up to 200 guests.

Website:  (Check out the photo gallery to see the amazing interior.)

Mission: “…the premiere facilitator of international business, trade and culture in the Southeastern United States.  The World Trade Center Atlanta is focused on bringing together businesses and governments from around the world.”

Leadership:  David Ficano: General Manager; Lisa Postolachi: Membership & International Services Director;  Chairman of the Board of Directors: Craig Lesser, Pendleton

Background:  The WTCA was founded in 1982 and located atop the Merchandise Mart in downtown Atlanta.  The founders included: Sam Ayoub, George Bushbee, Bennett Brown and John Portman.  On February 22, 1995 the new location was announced.  Designed by John Portman the new facility occupies 15000 square feet of meeting space and 60000 square feet of function space.  Portman’s goal was, “…to create a spacious, yet intimate-contempory, yet classic decor that would speak to the Center’s dynamic international business leaders, reflecting the prominent role they play in Atlanta’s future.”

Services:  Technical and educational seminars on current international business topics, trade missions, trade shows, sessions with public/governmental and private sectors organizations. Networking events and assistance with business contacts and appointments globally.

The catering service is outstanding and preferred by the luxury goods, fashion, movie and cosmetic industries.


10/24 Medical Tourism Seminar

Trade:  Georgia’s export shipments of merchandise in 2010 totaled $28.9 million.  The largest market is Canada followed by China, Mexico, Japan and Germany.  The largest merchandise export category is transportation equipment.  Other top merchandise exports include chemical manufactures, machinery manufactures, paper products, and computers and electronic products.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Atlanta
303 Peachtree Street NE
Lower Lobby STE 100
Atlanta, GA 30308
Catering service: 

High Museum of Art


                  Atlanta at Night


World Trade Center Spotlight: Washington, D.C.

Growing up in Baltimore MD and living in Annapolis MD, I consider Washington DC  a very close neighbor.  It was easy to take my children on day trips (40 min drive depending on traffic) into DC to visit the Smithsonian museums, monuments, art museums, National Zoo, the garden of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (I am a descendant) and more.   As a child myself, I spent a lot of time at my uncle’s house in DC.  He was in the State Department and an Ambassador.  My favorite activities there include seeing the monuments lit up at night and walking among the cherry blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial. I wasn’t the only one visiting DC though as over 15 million visit the city each year.

Washington DC is of course the capital of the U.S. since July 16, 1790. Most of the original city, however, was burned to the ground during the War of 1812. The DC stands for District of Columbia and thus is not one of the 50 states.   It has an elected mayor and city council (as of 1973) but the U.S. Congress has ultimate authority over the city. As of 2010 it has a population of 601,723, however during the workweek commuters raise the population to over 1 million.  Located in Washington DC are the 3 branches of the federal government and 176 foreign embassies.  It is also headquarters for the World Bank.  The district has 68.3 square miles with 19.4% parkland.  President Washington had commissioned a Frenchman, Pierre Charles L’Enfant to create a planned city (although good luck figuring it out when you are driving the streets and many circles). It is also the third highest metropolitan area in the U.S. for cost of living.

In 2008, 27% of jobs in Washington DC were federal government.  The top 4 non-government employees are: Georgetown University, Washington Hospital Center, Children’s National Medical Center and Howard University.  There are many high-tech and biosciences enterprises located in the surrounding suburbs. As to commercial shipping: the bulk of air freight goes through the three airports: Ronald Regan, Dulles International and Baltimore-Washington.  DC has its own port at the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, but mainly accesses the larger port facilities of Baltimore and Virginia.

World Trade Center Washington DC

“As a gateway to the world the WTCDC is more than a building or an organization.  It is a convergence of government, business and commerce in the heart of the nations’ capital, providing unparalleled access to trade experts, resources and services. You are invited to come and explore this Washington DC landmark building including its meeting and wedding venues, diverse food court, exquisite art and architecture and dramatic settings for conventions, conferences, weddings, and special events.”  (Website)


Mission: “The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center brings together federal, state and regional trade resources, international trade related businesses and services to convey the United States’ recognition of the importance of trade in linking countries and communities.”

Background:  The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center  serves as the official World Trade Center.  This amazing building (3.1 million square feet) was officially dedicated on May 5, 1998 after 8 years of construction.  It is built upon “the plague spot of Washington”, a location so named in the 1890s because of its saloons and brothels.

Facilities:  The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center “… is the first and only federal building dedicated to both government and private use…”  It holds a premier conference center and event center, executive office space, meeting and event facilities,dining and more.  It is located within walking distance of the White House in the heart of DC.

Services:  The WTCDC earned the Global Best Practices Designation which is the highest award bestowed on World Trade Centers.  Some of the reasons it received the award are:

  • Showcasing the 3.1 million space
  • Creating an accredited national forum for the advancement of trade from the country’s best public and private resources.
  • Serving as a host venue for more than 85 trade-awareness events and symposia each year.
  • Assisting businesses to transition from domestic to worldwide trading partners.
  • Educating the public.

Newsletter:  Tradewinds.  Available on the website, this is a beautifully done and informative magazine. The Autumn 2010 edition features Muhuammad Yunas (Nobel Prize winning economist and banker) and his book, Building Social Business.


10/6: Leadership in a Global Economy with Ed Fuller

10/24: ISOA Annual Summit

10/27-28: 20th annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference

Contact Information

Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC  20004
Contact:  for more information about the International Trade Center.

      DC at night.      

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Cherry Blossums at the Jefferson Memorial

World Trade Center Spotlight: Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan which is two-thirds mountainous with a population of 23 million. Mandarin Chinese is the  majority language. It is a very old culture and its people have lived there for 12,000-15,000 years. It is a multi-party democracy and has a GDP of $430 billion.  Its natural resources are coal, natural gas, limestone, marble and asbestos. Major agricultural products include pork, rice, fruit, vegetables, sugarcane, poultry, shrimp and eel.  Services make up 67.1% of the GDP. Industry (31.3% of GDP) types include: electronics, chemicals and petrochemicals, basic metals, machinery, textiles, transport equipment, plastics and machinery.  “Taiwan has developed into a major international trading power with $496 billion in two-way trade (2008).  Taiwan is prosperous and stable. The economy grew by 10.88% in 2010 (U.S. Department of State).  Taiwan’s trade with the world reached US$526.4 billion in 2010 (TAITRA).

Taipei World Trade Center is located in the Xinyi District in Taiwan. It is a four-in-one complex that includes the Exhibition Hall, International Convention Center, International Trade Building and the Grand Hyatt Taipei.


Mission:  Show the World! See the World!  A single modern venue that combines exhibition space, conference facilities, offices, and hotel accommodation for international business.

Background:  Founded in January 1986 by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. (TAITRA Taiwan’s foremost trade promotion organization)

Exports: In 2010, $274.6 billion: electronics, flat panels, optical, photographic, measuring and medical instruments, information and communications products, textile products, basic metals, plastic and rubber products (the electronics sector being the most important). Major markets are P.R.C. and Hong Kong ($114.8 billion), U.S. ($31.5 billion) and Japan ($14.5 billion).

Imports: In 2010, $251.4 billion: electronics, machinery, crude petroleum, precision instruments, organic chemicals, and metals. Main import partners include: Japan (20.77%); China (14.01%) US (10.49%) South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Services:  “TWTC combines every possible service that brings together a vast consulting service on trade-related issues, trading partners, suppliers and markets.”

Trade Mart:  Provides a meeting place for international buyers and sellers.  It has the most extensive range of products under one roof in Asia.  There is over 6,300 square meters in the TWTC Exhibition Hall that includes the :

  • Import Mart is a special area in the TWTC Exhibition Hall reserved for international enterprises and foreign government trade units.  It is especially useful for businesses looking to expand into Asia nd there are currently 25 countries represented.
  • Export Mart contains 920 showrooms where one can view products, meet with representatives and conduct business negotiations.
Events:  See the website for the many exhibitions and trade shows.
Contact Information:
Taipei World Trade Center 
NO.5 Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec 5, Taipei, Taiwan, 11011, R.O.C.
886-2-27255200 ext 2261                                                                                         
Taipei at night.  The Taipei 101 is a 101 floor skyscraper…the second tallest building in the world.

 I would love to see the treasures in this museum which has one of the largest collections of Chinese artifacts in the world ( over 600,000).

Taipei is also known for its night markets including the famous Shilin Night Market and Ximending.   Night shopping…Cool!     

World Trade Center Spotlight: St. Louis, Missouri

The only time I have flown in a helicopter is over St. Louis. I walked around the river front and went into the Gateway Arch, as well as going to the vineyards in nearby Hermannm, Missouri.  The Norton wine there is amazing. I am looking forward to attending a week long training in St. Louis this fall. (I have forgiven the St. Louis Rams for beating our Tennessee Titans in Superbowl XXXIV…almost.) St. Louis is a major port on the Mississippi River and the gateway to the west thus the huge Gateway Arch. Its economy relies on service, manufacturing and tourism. It is home to nine Fortune 500 companies.

The World Trade Center St. Louis serves not only the St. Louis metropolitan region, but also the state of Missouri and Southern Illinois markets excluding Kansas City. It is certified in the top 10% of the 300 World Trade Centers globally and has assisted regional businesses in achieveing almost a quarter of a million dollars in new international business.

World Trade Center St. Louis


 Tim J. Nowak, Executive Director;  See Mr. Nowak’s interview with Small Business Monthly. His experience is in business development, domestic and international sales, and management. Stella Sheegan, Director, Programs & Training,

Mission:  To develop a comprehensive international agenda for the region by bringing together the human expertise and the government resources for international business growth.

Background:  Established in 1993.

Exports: Missouri’s largest merchandise export category is transportation equipment ($3.0 billion in 2010).  Other top merchansdise exports are chemical manufactures ($2.7 billion), machinery manufactures ($1.4 billion), processed foods ($1.3 billion) and electrical equipment, appliances and parts ($662 million).

According to the ITA: one fifth of all manufacturing workers in Missouri depend on exports for their jobs.  4,710 companies exported goods in 2008. 85% were small-medium-sized companies. Major sources of foreign investment in Missoui include the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France.

Missouri’s export shipments of merchandise totaled $12.9 billion  in 2010. Canada was the largest market with $4.0 billion which was 31% of the states’s total merchandise exports. Markets following were: Mexico ($1.3 billion), China ( $987 billion), Korea ($655 million) and Japan ( $596 million).

Services:  Trade Education, Market  Intelligence Reports, Networking & Connectivities, Customized Research, Referrals, Sales Contacts, etc.  There are trade resources such as a Trade Tool Kit, International Resource Database,  a Trade News and International Business Headlines Report, and  “Trade Ties” Business Networks.


9/23  Growing Global 2011 – Tables of Ten

9/26-29  Missouri DED Trade Mission to China

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Saint Louis
121 S. Meramec, Suite 1111
St. Louis, Missouri  USA  63105
 Great views from the sky over St. Louis…
        And the fabulous tasting Norton Grape.

World Trade Center Spotlight: Barcelona, Spain

I love Barcelona.  I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city during the World Trade Center General Assembly of 2009.  I was able to see the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and several of the 68 municipal parks.  Whether strolling down La Rambla in the evening, eating fine cuisine at the 4 Gats, walking the beach of the Mediterrean Sea or exploring, this city is definitely on my list to return to again and again.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and a prominent economic center, rich cultural area and major tourist destination. It is the 4th largest most visited city  and 4th best business city Europe. It is “one of the world’s major global cities.”  The Port of Barelona is over 2000 years ago and is Europe’s 9th largest container port.  (538,700 TEU in the first quarter of 2011.)  Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, and according to  the Ajuntament de Barcelona, leads the cities of Spain in exports and new business creation. Of all the new companies, 14% are in the Barcelona province.  Its business creation index of 6.7% is higher than New York, London, Berlin or Dubai.

World Trade Center Barcelona


Management:  Gestio i Serveis Trade Center (GIS).

Mission:  The World Trade Center Barcelona ia a point of reference for business on an international scale, and of course the ideal place to locate your company or hold an event.

Background:  The largest owner of the WTC Barcelona is the Port of Barcelona (52.8%). The WTC Barcelona was built in 2000.

Trade Focus: Leading industries in Barcelona are: textiles (Barcelona is becoming a major fashion center), chemicals, pharmaseuticals, motors, electronics, printing, logistics, publishing, telecommunications and information technological services. The largest areas of trading are: East & Southeast Asia as well as North Africa and Turkey.

Imports: China is the main import area of orgin.  South Korea, India and Morocco made up 57 % of the total import volume at Port Barcelona in the first quarter of 2011.

Exports: Barcelona tops the export table in Spain and accounts for 20% of all exports. Total volume of exports between 2007 and 2010 was 130,090 million (Euro).  Major exports include: machinery, motor vechicles, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and medicines.

Services: WTC Barcelona is an amazing building with 40,000 m2 office space located in the Port Vell.  It is on the seafront and so has great views.  It is an ideal place to locate your company or business event. The Club WTC Barcelona Roof Terrace Meet & Eat boasts of a place to meet business people from around the world.  It also features a commercial area and a Grand Luxe 5-star hotel.  “It provides full integrated service management, from telecommunications to maintenance, security and interpreting services.”

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Barcelona
Moll de Barcelona s/n
Edifici est, ler plata
Barcelona, 08039

     This city is a must visit!!

World Trade Center Spotlight: Denver, CO

I have only stayed in Denver once, but it is a city I would love to live in. For someone like me who loves the outdoors and sports, this city is perfect.  There are so many places to drive to and things to do around Denver: ski resorts, the Beer Triangle including Coors Brewery, Boulder, gold rush towns, Rocky Mountain State Park, Estes Park, Rafting on the Colorado River, and so much more.

Denver is nicknamed the Mile High City because it is located in the spectacular state of Colorado at exactly one mile above sea level. It has 300 sunny days a year– more than Miami or San Diego. Denver is the largest city located almost halfway between the West Coast and Chicago, so it is a major location for storage and goods distribution. Denver’s location also allows for telecommunication to both North American coasts, South America, Europe and Asia in the same business day. This is ironic since Denver is one of the few cities that was not built on a road, railroad, or navigable body of water.  It was built where the first flakes of gold were found. Denver is also one of the few cities that has 8 professional sports teams.

World Trade Center Denver

Over 275 companies and individuals are members of the WTC Denver. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies import, export and establish overseas operations.  The WTC Denver also maintains the Colorado International Trade Database which lists Colorado exporters and importers and over 1000 manufacturers and service providers.  The Denver World Trade Center is located in the financial district adjacent to 17th Street which is known as the “Wall Street of the West”.


Mission: The World Trade Center Denver will provide sustained value to its constituents and the community by being the private sector focal point for international business in Denver and throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Officers: Karen Gerwitz, Executive Director as of August of 2010.  Ms. Gerwitz brought 20 years of experience in international business and communications to the position. Justin Szymik, Director, Educational Services.

Background: Formed in 1989. The founding partnership consisted of Metro, BCE Development, Denver Chamber of Commerce, Colorado International Trade Office, and the Rocky Mountain District Export Council.

Exports: Colorado’s exports increased 14% last year but still lag behind the national average of 21%. Businesses are being encouraged to tap into the export market (from Breaking Import Export News.) From the International Trade Administration: Colorado’s export shipments of merchandise in 2010 totaled $6.7 billion.  In 2009, the metropolitan area of Denver-Aurora was responsible for 53.1% of Colorado exports of $4.3 billion.  A total of 4,755 companies exported from Colorado in 2008 and 88% were small and medium size companies. The state’s largest export category is computers and and electronic products ($1.8 million) then processed foods ($976 million), chemicals manufactures ($873 million), and machinery manufactures ($701 million).

Export Destinations: 25% of Colorado’s exports went to Canada in 2010 ($1.7 billion) Other export destinations were: Mexico ($590 million), China ($559 million), the Netherlands ($331 million) and Germany ($321 million).

Services:  WTC Denver is an active and certified member of the WTCA. There are 4 key service areas: Information, Education., Advocacy, and Connection.  Services offered include: Certificates of Orgin, Certificates of Free Sale, WISER Trade Statistic Reports, Colorado International Trade Database serarches, training programs, meeting rooms, and roundtables. The International Trade Education and Training programs are impressive. One can earn a Certificate in International Trade by completing 3 required courses and 9 elective courses. The website is full of information, services, news, and many events consisting of educational classes.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Denver
1625 Broadway, Suite 680
Denver, Colorado 80202  USA

Rocky Mountain State Park & Coors Brewery

World Trade Center Spotlight: Baltimore, Maryland

I am a Marylander.  I grew up in Baltimore, spent my summers on the Eastern Shore and lived near Annapolis for 11 years before moving to Tennessee. Maryland is a wonderful state with geographic variety such as mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Coast. It is often called the “Land of Pleasant Living”. I was raised on steamed hard shell crabs, silver queen corn and striped bass fish (rockfish).  Annapolis, the state capital, is a wonderful place to visit. We used to watch the Blue Angel’s Air Show at the United States Naval Academy, sail, sit at the harbor watching the boats and take the historic tours (the town was first settled in 1649). I remember the Baltimore harbor before its revitalization, now called the Inner Harbor, it is a fabulous place to see now! I love Maryland and its city Baltimore and continue to visit my family and friends there as much as I can.

Maryland is also known for: John Hopkins Hospital (the largest employer in the Baltimore area), over 350 biotech firms, and the second highest concentration of doctoral scientists and engineers in the U.S.  Its close proximity to Washington D.C. has made it a center for defense/aerospace industry and satellite government headquarters.

World Trade Center Institute


Officers: Deborah Kielty

Mission:  WTCI strives to drive the growth of Maryland’s flourishing global business community as Maryland’s Premier Global Business Partner.

Background:  Established in 1989 and licensed by the WTCA in 1991.  Financed jointly by area businesses and the State of Maryland. More than 2,500 Maryland firms benefit from WTCI.

Trade Focus:The Port of Baltimore (8th largest in the nation) plays a vital role in Maryland’s Economy.  It serves over 50 ocean carriers making nearly 1,800 annual visits.  Thirty-three million tons of cargo moved through the port in 2010.

Exports: Coal, corn, soybeans, lignite, coal coke, petroeum, and fuel oils.

Top Export Destinations: Canada is the largest destination by far.  Next are the Netherlands, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt, and Japan.

Imports:   Iron ore, petroleum, sugar, and fertilizers.  It is also one of the top auto ports in the U.S.

Services:  Many services are available for members of the WTCI including International Signature events, Internations Business Series, International Network Connections, and business services such as: Global Intelligence Briefs, International Traveler’s Packages, and an International Visitor’s Management. The WTCI also provides business connections, embassy contacts and personal introductions.  WTCI also has an International Visitors Program that arranges professional exchange programs.


9/23  Estonian Trade Mission

9/26-10/5 Russian Professions- Investing & Doing Business in Russia

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Institute
401 East Pratt St. Suite 232
Baltimore, MD 21202

 A Maryland Crab Feast….Yum!

World Trade Center Spotlight: Ramallah, Palestine

Although the website is not current and my good friend Bassem Nijem is no longer the General Manager, I wanted to highlight this World Trade Center.  Why?  Because I had the honor to visit it personally in October 2009.  Robert Thompson and myself visited many of the Palestinian businesses (West Bank) there in a trade mission.

We were able to see for ourselves the quality manufacturing plants and products: olive oil, soap, ceremics, chemicals, textiles,cosmetics, cabinets, granite and more.  I was very impressed with the quality and perserverence of these business men.  (They face huge trade challenges because of Israeli restrictions.)

Not only did Bassem plan tours for us to see businesses, but also a memorable visit through the Holy Land.  It is a trip I will never forget not only for the wonderful people I met, but for the beauty and richness of the land and culture.


Officers:  Bassem Nijem, Former General Manager; Ghazi Abu Nahl, Group Chairman for NEST Investments Ltd.

Mission:  To promote international trade and strengthen economic ties between Palestinian businesses and foreign enterprises. To conduct customized Educational Programs covering crucial topics to enhance the practical skills of the business community.  To be the most effective commercial data provider in the region for local & worldwide sourcing. To serve the Palestinian Community through its worldwide links & contacts. To remain a unique establishment with strong brand recognition internationally.

Background: Founded in 1995.  Owned by NEST Investments Ltd. based in Cyprus.  NEST with General Manger Ghazi Abu Nahl owns 15 WTCs in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Trade Focus:  WTCP is an effective Trade Leads provider.  There are many sectors listed on the website as well as lists of products/countries under the columns of “Offers to Buy” and “Offers to Sell”.

Export Merchandise:  Stone, olives, fruit, vegetables, limestone. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, January 2011 exports totalled $66.8 million (13% increase from December 2010).

Import Merchandise: Food, consumer goods, construction materials, petroleum, chemicals (January 2011 imports totalled 421.7% (4.4% increase from 12/2010).

Top Export Destinations:  Israel (93% of exports)

Services: Customized programs covering topics such as International Trade, Microsoft applications, financial education, managerial skills and language.   Reliable trade information is provided on specific foreign markets, products, services and industry information as well as lists of Palestinian manufacturers. Secretarial services are also provided for local and incoming business entrepreneurs. WTCP also hosts outbound and inbound missions.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center Palestine
P.O. Box 3872 – Al Bireh – Palestine
Location: Al-Birdh – Ramallah / Jerusalem St.
Trust Insurance Bldg – 3 rd. Floor
One of the most amazing cities in the world.

One of the many quality businesses we visited in Palestine.

World Trade Center Spotlight: San Diego

I love San Diego.  It has it all.  Gorgeous beaches, idyllic weather (the U.S. Weather Bureau describes it as the “closest thing to perfect”), great museums, world famous zoo, Sea World and much more.  It is a fabulous place to visit, and I have been there several times, but not as much as I would like!  What a great place to live especially if you are in international trade.


Newsletter:  The Trader

Officers:  Bella Heule, President/CEO; Hugh Constant, Executive Vice President; Reynaldo G. Lontok, Chief Financial Officer/COO

Mission: Provide comprehensive international trade services and key global contacts to facilitate and expand trade for regional and worldwide clients.

Background:  Established in 1994, WTCSD was one of the first World Trade Centers internationally to be certified by the WTCA, receiving a best practices designation for their trade missions.  WTCSD is a private-public partnership with the City of San Diego, the Unified Port District, and Regional Airport.

Trade Focus:  San Diego, California occupies a strategic location in the United States.  It is on the border of Mexico and on the Pacific Rim.  This makes San Diego a multi-cultural city and thus excellent for international business opportunites.  Because San Diego and Tijuana create the largest metropolitan artea on the U.S./Mexico border, it is an ideal area for taking advantage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many companies with manufacturing plants in Mexico have their administration and/or operation facilities in San Diego.  This concept is known as Maquiladoras or Twin Plants. The border crossing San Ysidro Port of Entry is the busiest international border crossing in the world.

San Diego is authorized by the U.S. to operate as a Foreign Trade Zone.  In 2009 the Port of San Diego handled over $1 million “short tons of total trade”.  Over $900,000 was foreign trade.  The terminal at Tenth Avenue has facilities for refrigerated and frozen storage so it can handle imports and exports of perishables, for example 33 million bananas every month. (We eat a lot of bananas here in the States.)

In September 2010, WTCSD was awarded a multi-year grant of $425,000 from the International Trade Administation to help finance their work in encouraging U.S. technology to solve the water issues in the Middle East, North Africa and India.

Economy: San Diego’s economic entities are: military, defense, tourism, international trade, and research/manufacturing. San Diego also hosts the largest naval fleet in the world, and the U.S. Navy is its top employer.

Services: WTCSD has 4 core areas of service that provide businesses with links for international opportunites and bring value to San Diego’s international trade community: relationships, global marketing, international public affairs and trade knowledge.

Trade services also including market research, trade counseling, trade referrals, matchmaking, and trade service requests. Trade information packets are available covering over 30 countries.  The packets include a 50 page overview of each country’s market and a 200-page report on information a business would need to know.

Another service: Asia Desk “provides trade services, hosts inbound business and trade delegations form Asia, and organizes outbound trade missions, information seminars, training programs and networking events.”


  • 7/26  Water Opportunies for U.S. Companies with Alberta
  • 8/9  Cross Cultural Business Communication Workshop: Russia
  • 9/8 Peace Prosperity & Diversity Though Trade: a 9/11 Commemoration
  • 10/4 Tools for Trade: Post 9/11 Trade Compliance Update

Contact Information:

World Trade Center San Diego
2989 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 615.0868

Offloading cargo (bananas?) at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal

World Trade Center Spotlight: Edmonton

As a resident of Nashville, TN I am proud to introduce our sister city: Edmonton. Edmonton is Canada’s Festival City with over 30 festivals each year including the Edmonton International Fringe Festival which brings in close to 500,000 people and the Heritage Festival which celebrates more than 60 cultures. For golfers, Edmonton has over 70 courses and in the summer the golf days are 17 hours long. Edmonton is the furthest capital city in North America and has the largest mall in North America. It is a staging point for the second largest oil sands (Athabasca) in the world located in northern Alberta and large-scale diamond mining operations in the Northwest Territories. Also a major centre for the oil and gas industry, Edmonton is a strong technology, research, economic and education centre. I have never been to Edmonton, my sister city, however, I have been to both Banff and Jasper National Parks and they are magnificent.


Officers: Martin Salloum, President & CEO; Wendy Edwards, VP, Finance & Admin/ CFO; Robin Bobocel, VP Public Affairs.

Mission:  WTC Edmonton is your business ” home away from home,” a comfortable, one-stop service centre connecting you with global opportunities in trade, travel and investment”.

Background:  Located on the 6th floor of the World Trade Centre Edmonton since 2004, it is the international divison of the Edmonton Chamber.  It is the only World Trade Center facility in the prairie provinces.  All who are members of the Edmonton Chamber are automatically members of WTCE.

Trade Focus:

WTCE has established official partnerships with 19 northern Chamber of Commerces in Alberta.  These Chambers have preferred access to the services and facilities in Edmonton. Any international businesses that want information or contacts with these communities can access them on the WTCE website.

Exports in Alberta trended downwards in 2010 although the domestic economy strenthened. This is in part due to the weakened U.S. economy. Alberta companies exported just over 6.09 billion in November 2010.

Export Merchandise for Alberta: Mining & energy, agriculture, machinery, industrial products.

Export Destinations for Alberta:  United States is by far the largest export destination. Others include Mexico, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. You can check out the 2009 Alberta International Trade Review for more detail.

Services:  WTCE organizes trade information, trade education, exhibitions and trade missions. The WTCE buidling has many services for its members: high-tech meeting rooms, private offices, computer work stations, banquet facilities, and more.  There is a Consular Corps division of people who represent their country and promote its trade, products and tourism.  Contact information is available on the WTCE website for policy and trade related questions.

Members of WTCE have the opportunity to enroll in quality trade training courses (a partnership with FITT: Forum for International Trade Training) with the end result of certification as an International Trade Professional (CITP).


7/20 Business and Aboriginal Communities: Partnerships for Success

9/21 FITT-The Professional Path to Global Markets

Contact Information:

World Trade Centre Edmonton
#600-9990 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB, T5J 1P7
(780) 409.2131

Banff National Park

World Trade Center Spotlight: Philadelphia

Since I grew up in Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA was my northern neighbor.  We always called it “Philly” with affection. As a student in school, we made countless field trips to Philadelphia. Why? Because of its rich history in the birth of our nation, the United States of America, and because of its fabulous museums.  During fourth grade, I remember climbing through the life-size heart in the Franklin Institute. Philadelphia is also known for its many outstanding universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Drexel University from where my neice recently graduated.  What I never knew growing up, however, was that Philly is a huge center for trade.


eNewsletter: World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia World Links

Officers: Linda Mysliwy Conlin, President. Ms. Conlin has over 25 years of experince in international trade including: the U.S. Department of Commerce, New Jersey’s Commerce & Economic Growth, U.S. Travel & Tourism, and U.S. Department of State. Bruce R. Pansius, Chief Financial Officer;  Andrea Townrow, Executive Vice President; Dino Ramos, Senior Vice President.

Mission: To provide a world-class portfolio of services that enhances international trade growth and leads the Greater Philadelphia region to economic prosperity.

Background: The World Trade Center Greater Philadelphia was launched October 16, 2002. Since then the WTCGP has helped generate over $571 million in incremental export sales, generating over 7,400 new jobs.

Trade Focus: Philly was an important trading center as early as 1701 when it officially became a city. With the fourth highest GDP in the U.S., ($312 million according to PricewaterhouseCoopers), Philly has extensive businesses including manufacturing, oil refining, health care, biotechnology, tourism, food processing, financial services and more.

Export Merchandise: Top export merchandise includes: chemicals, machinery, primary metals, computer and electronic products and transportation equipment.

Top Export Destinations (2010)

Philly exported $34.8 billion in goods and services in 2010.  This was an increase of 22.5 % over 2009.

Export Markets include:

  • $10.2 billion to Canada
  • $2.7 billion to Mexico
  • $1.7 billion to Japan
  • $1.4 billion to Germany
From WTCGP’s 2010 Annual Report:
  • Over 300 companies received counseling services.
  • 23 educational events and seminars.
  • 1,334 professionals particpated in programs
  • 500 company appointments with the Pennsylvania Authorized International Trade Representatives.
  • Generated incremental export sales of $147 million.

There is also available an International Trade Guide (a tutorial for reaching new customers around the world):


9/22  PA International Week & Showcase:
Pennsylvania Authorized Trade Representatives will visit Philadelphia to meet with local companies and discuss export opportunities in their respective international markets such as: Arab Gulf, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, Slovakia, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Yemen.
10/3 Trade  Mission to Peru and Brazil

10/5 CEO’s China Operations Club

Contact Information:
Pennsylvania Office
Two Penn Center
1500 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Suite 305
Philadelphia, PA 19102
The Declaration of Independence was signed in this building in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

World Trade Center Spotlight: WTC Utah

I recently had the pleasure of driving through Utah and exploring some of its incredibly beautiful landscape.  Utah is such a majestic and diverse state!  I loved walking on the Bonneville Salt Flats, shopping and eating in Moab, gazing on snowcovered mountains and hiking through Arches National Park.  There is still much I want to see there and I can’t wait to go back.  Maybe I will just move there, open an export business and enjoy the beauty of Utah.

The WTCU is quite an active trade center as evidenced by their events for the first half of July: the Oban Japanese Festival on July 9, 2011, the US-China 2011 Conference in Salt Lake City on the 14th and Business Opportunities in the Arab World on the 15th.  With such strategic partners as the Salt Lake Chamber and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, international events, interactive website help and a weekly Global Utah Newsletter, this World Trade Center is an awesome resource for Utah businesses. UTCU is definitely “a first stop trade information hub where a business can receive the information and resources needed to go global”  


WTC Utah News:

Officers: Lew Cramer, President & CEO; Elizabeth Goryunova, Executive Vice President & COO; Shelia Steiner, Vice President Business Development.

Mission: The mission of the World Trade Center Utah is to assist companies into profitable global markets.

Lew Cramer, Director Utah World Trade Center

Background: WTCU opened for business on 9/11/2006. Since that time it has helped over 1,000 companies “go global”.  Lew Cramer brought his experience in international trade to the postion of President and CEO.   Previous experience includes: founding an international consulting firm in Washington, DC., working with U S WEST International in developing telecommunications projects in over thirty countries, serving under Reagan as a WhiteHouse Fellow with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, and directing the activities of 1400 commercial officers at over 150 embassies worldwide and in 65 offices throughout the United States in the Bush I administration. Mr.Cramer was also the Director General of the U.S.Commercial Service, practiced corporate law in Los Angeles and the SanFrancisco Bay area, and taught at the business schools of the University of Southern California and Georgetown University.

WTCU received accreditation in Trade Information, Trade Education, Business Services and Technology form the World Trade Center Association at their 2008 General Assembly in Dubai.

Trade Focus: In Utah, one out of every five manufacturing jobs depends on exports. Increased exports have created over 20-thousand jobs in the past three years. Over 2,000 Utah companies export goods and 85 % of those companies were small or medium sized businesses.

  • Number of Utah Companies Exporting: 2,887
  • Number of Utah Jobs from Exporting: 94,060

Export merchandise:

  •  54.4% Primary Metal MFG
  • 14.6% Computer and Electronic Products
  • 5.2% Chemicals
  • 4.8% Transportation Equipment
  • 21.1% All others

Top Export Destinations (2010)

1. United Kingdom $4,163,990,330
2. Greater China $2,083,716,197
3. Canada $1,264,863,789
4. India $1,124,798,481
5. Switzerland $718,631,508
6. Singapore $524,493,889
7. Mexico $456,407,886
8. Japan $406,157,621
9. Belgium $290,273,833
10. South Korea $273,099,888

Services:  WTCU has the ability to offer Utah businesses Assessment, Education and Connections on line. Utah businesses can begin to expand internationally by filling out an assessment on the WTCU website.  WTCU will then provide training and educational  opportunities and connect the businesses to relevant global partners, services providers, government agencies and contacts.

WTCU offers an Export Expert Series as well as Imports Club Sessions and monthly roundtables in the latest trends in the global markets.


July 14-16, 2011  U.S. & China Trade, Culture & Education Conference.

For other upcoming events focusing on Japan, the Arab World, Australia and Canada and more, please check the WTCU website.

Contact Information:

World Trade Center – Utah
175 East 400 South Suite 609 Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 532.8080
Bonneville Salt Flats. Utah