Isaac Thompson

Son of Robert Thompson, Isaac writes brief trade portfolios and publishes them on . He uses PIERS Prospects and StatsPlus to analyze world trade data on cities, companies, and industries, writing a report on each.

He is proficient in data analysis and writing, having received a BA in English Writing. When he is not writing trade stories for his father, he is actively seeking a Master’s of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. This rigorous program is designed to impart advanced data-analysis techniques, paired with research methods in an applied setting. It covers human resources, organizational development, and consulting with a strong emphasis on research methodology.

Isaac also teaches a data-analysis course at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to undergraduates and is a GA for the School of Education, designing websites for their NCATE accreditation.

Isaac in his free time climbs mountains, builds houses, plays music, and restores /rides bicycles.

You can reach Isaac via his linked-in profile.