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Special Report: Video Library of Trade Information Providers

WorldTradeDaily.com maintains a large collection of videos produced by various Trade Intelligence and data suppliers.  These provide a good reference tool to help evaluate each respective information source. Videos from what I call the “Top Tier” Trade Intelligence providers can be found here.

Up until now, we had been utilizing the VODPOD widget for the WordPress.com interface, but found that it significantly increased the loading and thus wait time for our readers.  On the other hand, it displayed a lovely graphic representation of six of the 150+ videos we currently maintain.   Alas, the ongoing conflict between the artist and the engineer part of me resulted in the elimination of the widget in favor of less graphic oriented navigational links located on the header bar at the top of the site. Therefore, I am writing both to notify readers of the change as well as to draw special attention to this resource.

Our current collection is divided between 12 categories or channels.  This repository is still maintained at VodPod.  The links below will take you to the respective channel.  As mentioned, the links are also located within the header bar under Video Library.

  1. Umbrella VodPod category of all videos and all channels: WorldTradeDailycom
  2. PIERS (UBM Global Trade).  6 videos: 3 each of hi-res and standard resolution versions: …/PIERS
  3. Datamyne.  10 videos but many are produced by some customer or data geek. …/Datamyne
  4. Zepol. A dozen fairly well produced videos featuring various aspects of their product.  …/Zepolvideos
  5. Panjiva. Great blogger but could only find one video which is in a one minute promo spot.  …/Panjiva
  6. Import Genius.  8 videos including several “case” studies from actual customers as well as “how to apply the data to do “X”.  Good approach. Not just “promotion” or “how our product works” type of videos.  …/ImportGenius
  7. Market Access Map (offered by the International Trade Centre- ITC) is an interactive utility for “making import tariffs and market access barriers transparent”.  Their collection of 13 videos are intended to train users.  …/maketaccessmap
  8. Trade Map (also by the ITC). “Trade statistics for international business development.” 8 videos. …/itcvideos
  9. Investment Map (also by the ITC). Interactive utility “for better foreign investment attraction and targeting.” There are 8 training videos. There are also other resources available at the ITC website that are worth checking out.  …/investmentmap
  10. U.S. Commercial Service.  5 “testimonial” videos, several “how to make international sales” ones.  …/commercial service
  11. Misc. TI Videos.  Currently 3 videos: one about the WTCA and 2 about HS Classification.  …/miscTIvideos
  12. Personal Views: Last, and perhaps least, is one solitary satirical video which reflects my personal view of the typical approach taken by TI providers, analysts and users toward the U.S Customs Waterborne Import BOL data.  Originally it was a Powerpoint I used in a presentation made at the now defunct ITDU (International Trade Data Users) conference in D.C. to a mixed reception.  …/worldtradedaily

Please let us know if you know of any videos that you would recommend for our library.

Catalog of Interesting and Valuable Trade Information Related Blogs

Over the last several months, since the May 1st launch of WorldTradeDaily.com, we’ve done our best to uncover and share pertinent news, views and Who’s Who in the world of trade intelligence each and every day.  As part of that mission, we’ve put together a list of other blog sites that are worth taking a look at and possibly bookmarking:

China Sourcing Blog:  They have an extensive blog roll that is worth checking out, very well done and been publishing since 2007.

Export Law Blog: ExportLawBlog is written and maintained by Clif Burns, Illya Antonenko and Megan Gajewski. It began in August 2007.

International Trade Law Blog: International Trade Law News is edited by international trade attorney Douglas N. Jacobson, Esq. and began in 2003.

MSU: Global Edge Blog: Michigan State University has a great international trade website and resource you must check out, which includes a well done blog which has been alive since late 2008.

RSS Feeds: GlobalTrade.net: A recent brainchild by the owners of FITA.org, GlobalTrade.net is a site to watch.  They recently launched in November of 2010.

TI Provider: Datamyne Blog: One of the top-tier TI providers, Lisa W. takes great pride in her social media brain child. They have published well and regularly since February, 2010.

TI Provider: Import Genius Blog: Another TI provider’s blog, “Making Waves” seems to get lost in the backwash of too much advertising and their last blog is months old.

TI Provider: Panjiva Blog: Clearly the best blog site of all TI Providers; it’s slick, it’s well laid out, well written, regularly updated, incorporates other social media and even includes cute little graphics.  They’ve perfected the medium since they first started publishing in August of 2007.  Grand Prize winner. Voted Best Trade Information Blogger! 

TI Provider: PIERS Blog: The 500 pound gorilla of TI Providers is the last in social media. They stumbled in rather slip shoddily but have been improving rapidly since their launch a month or so ago.

TI Provider: Zepol Blog: Not inspiring but consistent. The blog site seems a bit confused at the present, but these are confusing times. They’ve published a couple of times a week since late 2008.

U.S. Census: Global Reach Blog: A well done blog site by the Census Bureau that often includes charts and videos. They’ve been publishing about twice a week since January 2010.

U.S. Department of Commerce Blog: Very corporate looking and professionally done, this site is a “must bookmark” for anyone who wants to stay up on international trade issues. They began publishing January, 2009.

U.S. Export.gov Blog: Started last year in January, this blog is rather uninspiring but nevertheless a good source for news from other sources about export related issues which is a rather important issue.

U.S. ITA Tradeology Blog: Launched in April 2009, Tradeology is the International Trade Administrations official social media outreach. They also twitter around a bit as well.

WTD Website design, Navigation and Participation within the Community.

WorldTradeDaily.com has been set-up within WordPress.com utilizing the premium (i.e. paid for) template “Headlines” by WooThemes. As a result, there are some exciting and useful tools and resources available inherent via WordPress.com as well as some (at times) frustrating limitations.

First let’s look at the basic design of the site. There are two navigational menu arrays:
• The first (darkly shaded) exists at the very top of the page above the WTD header/ banner. Organized within it’s parent, child, and grandchild categorical hierarchy you will find static referential content such as links to trade information suppliers, interesting blog sites, video library and other resources available on or through WorldTradeDaily.com as well as commercial products and services that we offer.

• The other (lightly shaded) navigational menu system is below the header and directly above the content area. Herein you will be able to easily locate various articles which have been published at WorldTradeDaily.com, organized by category. This menu ONLY displays blog posts/ WTD articles and is generally organized within each respective category by the date published with the most recent at the top. Please feel free to suggest other categories you think would be pertinent.

Any given article may exist within several categories at the same time. For instance, an article posted by a trade intelligence provider “X” about specific types and kinds of data and reports “Y” for a common business application “Z” could potentially be found under all three categories –X, Y & Z –although this is uncommon.

At the bottom of each posted article you have the opportunity to comment and thus provide valuable feedback, insight or differing viewpoint. You also have the option to share the article via the listed social media link or through your own social network.

There is a search utility located on the far right of the category menu for locating articles on a particular topic or to find a specific page or post.  Located on the left hand side of the site or in the footer are a number of helpful widgets, which display most recent posts, links, recent WTD tweets, contact information and other useful tools. One of the most important of which is the subscription option. By signing up (providing an email address and name) you will be notified when a new article is posted on the WTD web site as well as qualify for free open source access to our data repositories.

You also have the option of subscribing to an RSS feed to our whole site or for a particular section. This is a handy way to integrate content into your website or simply keep informed on specific topics of interest.

Help Wanted: World Trade Daily – Staff or Freelance Research Writer

Freelance:   A “pay-per-article” arrangement for candidates who have particular experience  and knowledge in a specific facet of international trade, from which we can develop and publish an ongoing weekly “column”, such as supply chain logistics, data analysis and reporting, or trade policy, regulation and enforcement.

Staff: A Research Writer/ Editor for WorldTradeDaily.com. The acceptable candidate will have the following essential qualities/ skills:

• Be highly self-motivated/ self-directed.
• Have excellent written and verbal skills.
• Be a very good researcher.
• Be an excellent communicator.
• Have very good people skills.
• Be a good project manager (coordinating many elements toward timely completion).
• Have overall expertise with a wide range of computer & web based applications.
• Having knowledge of international business, trade and/or technology is a plus.
• Having knowledge of social media and standard marketing tools and resources: email, tags, SEO, links, Word.Press.com             publishing processess, newsletters, etc. intended to help grow the WTD audience base.


Research, gather, review, coordinate, edit, write and publish daily content for the World Trade Daily website. Be responsible for the quality and timeliness of blog articles, published seven days a week, 365.25 days a year. Specifically, duties include:

• Contact and schedule interviews with pertinent people on interesting WTD topics.
• Research, write/revise web content for WTD articles from existing sources.
• Help find, cultivate and retain featured authors who contribute regularly to WTD
• Work closely with writers, suppliers and blog contributors /sponsors.
• Create and maintain content /contact management files and project work flow.
• Assist in (be able to support & talk intelligently about) other areas of WTD business including technology, business applications, sales, client services and administration.
• Assist GM/ Editor-in-Chief in all aspects of business & development.
• Keep records: track income & expenses and maintain necessary files.

Other Considerations:

• I’m looking for an engaged, passionate, self-directed, competent assistant who will be committed to assisting me in realizing the evolving vision of WorldTradeDaily.com.
• Initially this is a part-time position– approximately 20 hours per week, depending upon experience and efficiency. You would be paid as an Independent Contractor (no taxes withheld). No benefits. Semi-flexible schedule. Most work can be done remotely/ independently.
• Over time, I’m willing to consider an increased rates, equity participation, revenue share and/or bonuses based on performance and WTD profitability.

WorldTradeDaily.com Website Redesign: An Evolving Vision

World Trade Daily has published daily for over 90 days since its launch in May 1 of this year. Each month, as some of you will have noticed, we’ve made changes to the format and content of the site, in response to our readers and in an effort to bring more relevant and better organized information on International Trade Intelligence. Beginning July 1, we combined many of the categories arriving at the four that exist now*:

• Trade News (previously TI Columns)
• Data, Uses & Reports (previously TI Uses, TI data)
• Suppliers & Associations (previously TI Suppliers)
• WTD & Community (previously TI People, WTD and Me)

*Those of you who have subscribed to feeds for the outdated categories may have to revise your RSS feed settings.

So now there are only four general categories under which WTD articles are organized. Remember though, you can always search for blogs within a particular area of interest by providing key words in the search box conveniently located to the right of the category headings. Also, the several months of articles – their picture, headline and publication date – appear along the left margin (in reverse chronological order) of the website. Simply clicking the link will take you to the respective article.

We also launched several new series which run on a continual basis:

• World Trade Center Spotlight: focus on one of the 300+ World Trade Centers around the world.
• WTD Editorial: responses to questions and/ or comments posed by our readers.
• Trade Report: analysis and reporting generated from many data sources, particularly the innovated TI applications – Prospects and StatsPlus.

We vastly improved and expanded our graphic look and layout in July as well. Each article appears with a corresponding header for the particular series in which belongs. Oversized images that are appropriate for downloading and reference are listed in the footer area of the web site. Readers are welcome to utilize these images as long as source credits are attributed to WorldTradeDaily.com. We also maintain an extensive video library that is worth checking out as well.

Trade News has been expanded due to reader feedback. Typically this distillation of pertinent international trade news will be published on weekends thus 8-10 articles per month.

In the next 90 days we plan to offer a handful of commercial products and services including consulting, technology design and integration and special software licensing packages. In addition, we hope to garner more intimate involvement from TI Providers and Trade Associations.

As always, we invite you, as an international trade professional, to participate in the World Trade Daily Community by providing comments and suggestions as well as articles that you think would be of benefit to readers.

Along with your involvement, we will continue to evolve the vision, format and content of WorldTradeDaily.com

WTD Editorial: The Differences Between WTD Versus Other Trade Sites

In preparation of the launch of WorldTradeDaily.com in May, 2011, I asked for feedback on the concept and architecture from a handful of people I respected in the industry.  Perhaps most notable of the group was and is Maurice Kogon who has over a half century as a International Trade Professional and 30 years as a director in the DOC/ITA.  Refer to WTD article: Maurice Kogon, Director at Center for International Trade Development 

I sent him a two page synopsis and link to the WTD concept site with the request, “I consider you THE elder statesman in matters of these matters and very much would like your input and direction as I attempt to develop something worthwhile.”   The following are excerpts from our email exchange with notes.

“Your new venture sounds very interesting, and I look forward to learning more about it and possibly contributing. A somewhat similar-sounding venture (Global TradeNet) was launched recently through FITA. It was conceived as a Wiki for international trade, inviting contributions from Charter members (e.g., NASBITE) and others. I have contributed some items. I am curious about how yours will differ from theirs.

The GlobalTrade.net site is indeed interesting.  The FOCUS of WorldTradeDaily.com will be much, much narrower.  WTD will concentrate on World Trade Data and the corresponding information technologies and business applications.   

We will attempt to address such topics as:

  • What types of data & information are available?  
  • A deeper and better understanding of the data itself.  
  • What it can give you and what it can’t.  
  • The technologies available to manipulate and report on said data.  
  • And finally hearing from various users on the specific business applications for the data, how is it being used to make informed business decisions?  

World Trade is composed of $trillions of dollars of transactions and movements of products and services.  Those that work in the field, whether buyers or sellers, those in logistics or sales as well as people in education, regulation, security, consulting or real estate development use and depend on various types and kinds of trade data to make informed decisions.  The WTD forum will focus upon understanding and exploring issues related to Trade Data for the betterment of the world trade community at large.  

Another provocative intention of mine is to have all the databases and technology I developed (including the waterborne manifests) available free to the public in an open source environment.  Now that I have hopped over into the non-profit environment, I hope to dedicate my energies toward innovation and community development, which was really always at the core of my business purposes anyway.  

Note: For more information on FITA.org and GlobalTrade.net and their US VP, Barney Lehrer, you may refer to WTD articles: WTD Front Door Series: FITA the Federation of International Trade Assoc. and Musical Maestro Undergoes Midlife Renaissance to Become the Minister of International Trade Webworks

World Trade Daily – Content Guidelines for Prospective Articles and Interviews

As our motto states, WTD focuses on “world trade data, information technologies and business applications”. Furthermore, we attempt to focus on the practical versus the theoretical.

World trade encompasses trillions of dollars in transactions annually and billions every day. It happens every day. And every day business decisions are being made that affect the ebb and flow of global commerce. Every day, decision makers utilize various sources and types of world trade data to make the best decisions they can.

WTD is about this data, the suppliers and resources available, the methods of gathering, refining, integrating and technologically transforming and presenting the data and, most importantly, the specific business applications of the data.

Thus, the scope of WTD content needs to address some aspect of the foregoing. For instance, articles about trade policy, foreign currency, global economics and the like will ONLY be accepted IF there are clearly delineated, specific applications to the world of trade not hypothetically but actually. Thus, case examples by actual users are helpful.

That having been said, we are extremely interested to showcase the various people who work within the world trade information business as well as the users of their respective products and services. The greatest “value added” within the process of transforming raw data into usable business intelligence is accomplished by the intervention of creative, talented people within the industry: CEO/entrepreneurs, marketing managers, DBAs, web developers, analysts, consultants and teachers who all attempt to bring meaning and relevance to raw, many times obtuse, versions of data.

In addition, the experience of actual users of world trade information with its many and sundry business applications is essential. WTD is a non-partial, transparent forum wherein users can express questions, concerns, and successes utilizing various products and sources of data. Therefore, we invite all comments, whether positive and negative, from users of existing products and data suppliers.

We plan to evaluate and report on every major world trade data source, supplier, product and service. We will interview appropriate executives and technical staff whenever possible as well as their current /past users. Intelligent application of data is contingent upon comprehensive understanding of the data itself as well as the methods by which the data can be best employed. Therefore, we will “dig deep” into the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of various types of data. To do such, we will seek the insight, understanding and contribution of industry experts.

Please remember, particularly if you are a vendor, that WTD is an educational/social forum. “Gentle” promotion is encouraged. Gratuitous aggrandizement is not. We adhere to the principal of “attraction versus promotion”. However, WTD does provide you, the vendor, with an interactive environment wherein prospective clients can become fully informed of the respective benefits and competitive strengths of your product or service and give you an opportunity to educate them to a successful close.

If you wish to submit an article to WTD or arrange for an interview, please contact me at Robert@WorldTradeDaily.com

World Trade Daily: Advertisers, Sponsors and Partners. Oh My!

As a trade information supplier, you have an opportunity to share what’s exciting, unique and valuable about your products and services. You have a venue to share your story with an audience who is vested in knowing about what you offer.

Although the nature of the WTD forum is more informational than promotional, most prospects nowadays respond much better to an “edu-sales” approach than to a hard edged traditional sales angle.

Your competition is using social media. If you aren’t, you’d better start. If you are using social media as part of your marketing “mix”, expand upon it by contributing regularly to the WTD community as a featured author.

If you are interested in enhancing your visibility further, you may want to consider becoming an advertiser by purchasing a permanent placement banner ad or featured post advertisement appearing in rotation on the home page. Both of these will make your company or cause visible.

The WTD forum is an ideal place for you, as a trade information supplier, to get noticed. Your participation will help us grow as a community. As our community grows it will, in turn, help your business grow.

Beyond advertisements and/or pertinent trade intelligence related articles, we invite you to consider partnering with us by underwriting or sponsoring World Trade Daily directly.

Our vision is to provide free open source access to our vast data repositories and A.I. engine as well as provide an open forum for exchange and connection within the global trade community, particularly those that rely upon trade information to navigate its choppy waters.

The WTD is an ideal venue for trade information suppliers to tell their story

In order to provide free access to all, we need help from those can and will support the vision. Even with our initial contribution of the million dollar technology and data base repositories, there are ongoing expenses involved in acquiring new data, feeding it into the machine and verifying it afterwards. In addition, there is hosting, software licenses, technical maintenance and administration.

The soft costs of data, hosting and technology maintenance could be absorbed by a partnering trade intelligence provider, educational institution or trade association providing in-kind services and/or data, daily customs waterborne import DVDs ($100 per day), statistical DVDs from Census, or hosting and technical maintenance.  Reciprocally, the partnering institution will receive administrative access and development rights to the most advanced system of its kind in the world.

We also plan to expand WorldTradeDaily.com publication to 1,000 plus posts per year with 50 or so contributing authors. Besides myself, this will necessitate the addition of a full-time time staff editor and a handful of freelance writers.  Additional business expenses such as attendance at trade related conferences for the purpose of conducting interviews, networking and supplemental marketing costs would make up most of the remainder of the budget.

World Trade Daily is the only forum of its kind: a neutral third party source focusing on trade intelligence’s providers, people, data and business applications.   Trade intelligence provides the navigational map that helmsmen rely upon to navigate in a multi-trillion dollar industry.

You and/ or Your Organization Can Be Featured On World Trade Daily

Would you like to be featured on WorldTradeDaily?

Are you involved in some aspect of international trade whether in the commercial, governmental or educational sector? Are you an importer, exporter, analyst, teacher, database engineer, trade representative, logistics provider, marketer, CEO, lawyer, regulator or journalist?  If so, we invite you to share your unique perspective and experience.

Each and everyday, WTD reports on international trade and trade intelligence: information used to make informed business decisions.

Trade Intelligence is comprised of many elements:

  • A plethora of types and kinds of DATA- the essential building blocks.
  • Technologies that refine, connect, enhance and present information- embodied by the many SUPPLIERS and their products & interfaces.
  • The USES of trade related information in sundry business applications in the service of international trade and traders.
  • PEOPLE: the IQ that makes Trade Intelligence work- professionals who are vitally involved in every facet of World Trade.
  • The context and environment within which trade intelligence is applied- i.e. trends, news and views that affect International trade.

Trade Professionals

As a trade professional, you have something to contribute. What particular products and services does your organization offer? What are the features and benefits?  In your capacity as a trade professional, what information do you use to find and service your clients? If none of these questions strike a cord, you may want to simply relay an interesting story from your personal experience working in the field of International Trade.

Your article(s) will be posted in one or more of the categories appearing on our site: Data, Suppliers, Uses, People, and World.  You are certain to accrue several benefits from the effort.  Check out: Contribute to the WTD community while (gently) Promoting your Product /Service.

In addition, we occasionally publish an In-depth series containing a handful of articles related to a particular data or service provider.  For example, subsequent to an interview with Lisa Wallerstein, Vice President of Product Development & Marketing for Datamyne, we developed a week’s worth of posts, addressing each of our respective categories, that were inspired by our discussion.  These are listed below:

Although all these articles were not confined to Datamyne, Lisa or their new product, they were indirectly related and together (hopefully) painted a bigger picture.  If you are interested, please contact us.

World Trade Daily- Understanding WTD Perspective, Categories & Content

One of the best things about my new gig as the Editor-in-Chief of the WorldTradeDaily.com virtual forum on Trade Intelligence (a blog by any other name) is that I don’t have to be anybody’s _____. (You can fill in the blank.)

As Founder/CEO of CenTradeX as well as in the string of business ventures that preceded it, I had to worry about the feelings, opinions and perceptions of investors, boards of directors, advisors, clients, prospects, the media, employees (and their spouses) and of course the governing tax and legal authorities.

Being an Internet journalist, reporting on a subject that I know quite a bit about, is not only fun, but I can say whatever I want to. My editor (who also happens to be my girlfriend) hones down the rough edges and grammatical spills.  She occasionally steps in when my irreverence or sarcasm gets out of control.  But, by and large, I can state the “truth” as I see it.

Not to say that I am insensitive to the sensibilities of my friends and colleagues in the field about whom I report. Generally, I’m a great person to tell secrets to.  I’m not going to publish candid criticisms of your company, boss, clients or competitors.  Your dirty laundry is safe with me. That being said, I don’t mind ranting and raving occasionally when it strikes me.

There are a few things I have always really enjoyed about working in the International Trade field. No coincidence that these are also the categories I write about on WorldTradeDaily.com every week.  Monday through Friday are usually reserved for “meatier” topics:

World Trade Daily Posting Categories follow topics pertinent to International Trade Intelligence

@Data.  Like a kid in a candy store, I am really awed by facts and figures, charts and graphs, imports and exports of this country and that. Looking at the scope of the entire world. Global Trade data is cool!

•Technology and innovation.  Ways to shape, connect and transform raw data into something useful, beautiful and well engineered by those of us whose task it is to create Trade Intelligence is pure joy. I abhor ineptness and distain mediocrity. We report on Suppliers of trade data and information @Sources.

•Applications. Nothing feels better than see your brainchild perform well and be recognized in the world. Vicariously since the sale of CenTradeX, I still appreciate a well-crafted TI product providing good service in the marketplace. How is data and technology being applied to make a difference in business? @Uses.

•TI Professionals. I’ve never met a better bunch of people than those in International Trade. Prophets, philanthropists, innovators, well traveled, citizens of no certain country, committed to their craft, folks who really want to make a difference and an impact on their world.  Best known after a few drinks in an informal setting.  @People.

•Research & Learning.  Personally, I learn by live, dynamic interaction with people about subjects that I have an interest in.  Our “Pick of the Litter” series gives me a good excuse to be on the hunt for interesting stuff about International Trade being published by others. A way to feel connected to the World, hence @World.

•Weekends are more relaxed and personal.  They provide an opportunity to publish articles on topics that may not fit neatly into one of more of the above categories.  @WTD contains articles about the WorldTradeDaily.com site itself, just  like working around the house, mowing the lawn or retiling the bathroom on Saturdays.  @me, as the name implies, are articles about my personal/professional journey or stuff I just feel like talking about: “Op-Ed” pieces and the like.  It’s always good to indulge in creative license and diversity of taste and experience.

Stay Smart about Trade Intelligence using WTD RSS Feeds, E-mail Subscription, Twitter & LinkedIN.

Receive our RSS Feed(s).  You can easily receive RSS feeds from WorldTradeDaily.com listing recently published articles.  It’s a great way to keep current on the latest news, views and Who’s Who in Trade Intelligence.  You simply reference the following URL’s for the particular feed(s) you are interested in:

  • RSS Feed for the entire WorldTradeDaily.com site:   feed://worldtradedaily.com/feed/
  • RSS Feed on Dailies (WTD daily posts):  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/daily-trade-intelligence/feed/
  • RSS Feed on TI Data:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/ti-data/feed/
  • RSS Feed on TI Suppliers:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/ti-suppliers/feed/
  • RSS Feed on TI Uses:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/ti-applications/feed/
  • RSS Feed on TI  People:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/ti-people/feed/
  • RSS Feed on TI World:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/ti-columns/feed/
  • RSS Feed on WTD:  feed://worldtradedaily.com/category/wtd/feed/

For those new to the world of Web publishing, Wiki explains: “RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.  They benefit readers who want to subscribe to timely updates from favored websites or to aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. RSS feeds can be read using software called an “RSS reader”, “feed reader”, or “aggregator“, which can be web-baseddesktop-based, or mobile-device-based.”

Email Subscription.  Another way to stay current on what’s going on in the world of Trade Intelligence is to subscribe to WorldTradeDaily.com. WordPress.com makes it super simple.  As their article on the topic outlines, “When readers subscribe, they’ll get an email update (either immediately, daily, or weekly, depending on the frequency they choose) when you write new posts on your blog.  Note that subscribers do not need to be registered with WordPress.com. Anyone subscribing with an email address not associated with a WordPress.com account will be sent details of how to confirm and manage their subscriptions without needing to register at WordPress.com.”

Follow us on Twitter.  With every article that is published by WorldTradeDaily.com , we send out several associated “tweets”, or short messages about the article along with a corresponding link to it, via Twitter.com.  What is Twitter? “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. People write short updates, often called “Tweets” of 140 characters or fewer. These messages are posted to your profile or your blog, sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.” Following someone simply means receiving their Twitter updates. When you follow someone, every time they post a new message, it will appear on your Twitter home page. New messages are added to your home page as people post them, so you always get the updates in real time. When you log in, you can see what the latest updates are. Twitter offers other ways to follow people too. You can get updates from certain people on your phone!  Our Twitter Handle is: WorldTradeDaily  

LinkedIN: If you are a Trade Intelligence Professional, let’s stay connected via LinkedIN: you can search and find me by utilizing the same handle: WorldTradeDaily  All WTD “tweets” are automatically posted there as well.  

How To Get The Most Out of World Trade Daily as an ACTIVE Reader

We welcome you as a reader to the WorldTradeDaily.com site.  We want to help to insure that your experience and take away value is the best that we make it.  Therefore we’d like to offer a couple of tips you may want to consider.

  1. First of all, we publish everyday, so there is always fresh content.  Generally, new articles are posted at 6:00 am Central Time.
  2. The category menus displayed along the top of the site organize articles by topic.  An article  can simultaneously be in several categories.  Since we just launched May 1, many categories may not contain an article yet.  Also, new categories may be added in the future.
  3. We invite you to subscribe to the blog. It’s quick and easy. All you have to do is fill in your name and email and you will automatically be notified when there is a new post on the site.
  4. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for the entire site or just the categories you are most interested in. By so doing, you’ll be guaranteed to have the latest posts delivered to your doorstep 24/7.
  5. Become an active reader. Contribute your thoughts and feedback on the posts you read. Even if you have a contrary opinion, express it. If you like something, say it as well. You can have a positive influence on the overall growth and development of this site by the contribution of your honest opinions.
  6. Feel free to offer suggestions for any changes and improvements you would like to make to the WTD site. Do you have some ideas for new topics? Do you think things could be organized in a more efficient manner? Say so. Cast your vote.
  7. Tell others. This is really important.  If the WorldTradeDaily.com is a valuable resource to you, please tell others. Bookmark this web site. Share it via your own social network. Tweet and re-tweet. Link us on your own website, blog, Facebook page. Referencing WTD in published material would be greatly appreciated. Or if you’re writing a high-tech screenplay on world trade, would could be nice as well.  Buy a WTD t-shirt or hat when they become available. For the extremely dedicated (and particularly attractive) reader, may we suggest a tasteful WTD tattoo strategically placed where it may be most noticed when sunning at the beach
  8. If you want to go even further, consider becoming a contributing writer. Send us a post that you think would be of interest to our readers.  We will even consider (gentle) self-promotion, if it is intelligently wrapped in a topic of interest.

The professor of entrepreneurism in the School of Business at the Vanderbilt University here in Nashville once commented to me, “The most valuable commodity in the information age… the only one that has exponentially increasing value… is time.”

Thank you for the investment of your time.  May it return you manifold benefit.

Contribute to the WTD community while (gently) Promoting your Product /Service

We invite your input and involvement in the World Trade Daily Community! As they say, “it takes a village”. We  “launched” the WTD site May 1, 2011. It is our intention to provide fresh posts on a daily basis 365.25 days per year. Ideally, we will publish 1,000 posts annually by 2012.

Our goal is to develop a stable of 20 to 50 featured authors who would each contribute 1 to 4 posts per month, representing various facets of the WTD community; data users, suppliers, educators, consultants, practitioners, students, analysts, etc.

What’s in it for you?

Becoming a WTD Author offers you:

1. Increased visibility within the WTD Community and beyond including readers, other authors, suppliers, advertisers as well as your own social network.

2. An opportunity to “gently” promote your services and products.

3. Expanded network: we will be publishing each and every post via a plethora of social media sources… as well as attracting many visitors through our open source data repository and free analytical interface.

4. An opportunity to contribute your experience and insight to the world trade community; to “give something back”.

5. Possible eligibility to receive up to 70% off designated software applications and professional services. Please check out the range of our products and services.

Education: you’ll learn even more by sharing your thoughts. The best education is teaching. You will certainly benefit by the experience.

Your contribution is important even if you decide only to write 1 or 2 Posts a year. Check the WTD site for the areas of your knowledge and expertise and simply write something up and send it to us.

What are general posting guidelines?

  • Blogs should be pertinent to the WTD community and fall within the topical areas listed. However, you are free to suggest others topics.
  • They should be informative, interesting and generally non-commercial in nature. Some tasteful self promotion is fine though.
  • They are usually between 300 to 500 words in length, include a picture and can be listed in a maximum of 3 categories.
  • They should be professional, yet include a personal flavor. “Business casual” is the called for attire.

You’ll feel good about your contribution as an author.

What do you need to do?

Just contact me at robert@worldtradedaily.com.   Welcome to the WTD community!